Seabourn Waiter Position Official Job Description and Salary

Feb 08, 2016

 Responsible for all food and service related issues in his/her assigned station of responsibility and guest satisfaction Job description:  Ensure all Hotel Operations functions are carried out in compliance with the line’s Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP).  The Waiter/Waitress reports directly to his/her section Assistant Restaurant Manager/Manageress or Supervisor, as directed by the Restaurant Manager/Manageress.  Learn the standards by meeting the relevant restaurant company standard procedures.  Learn the regulations and procedures of’ the United States Public Health/United Kingdom Public Health and adhere to these standards, at all times.  Have a thorough knowledge of ships daily activities.  Responsible for helping to achieve the yearly goal for the bar scores in the guest comment cards.  Learn names of the guests in, his/her section (tables).  Responsible for cleanliness and the upkeep of his/her own MISC En Place.  The Waiter/Waitress will be aware of any special requests and dietary requirements that his/her passengers may require.  The Waiter/Waitress will serve his/her passengers to the highest standards set by the company.  Perform various duties to include embarkation duties, afternoon teas, and Captains cocktail parties buffet breakfast/lunch service duties, in addition to the normal restaurant duties.  Must be flexible with working hours and cleaning duties and any other duties as requested by the Assistant maitre d’hotel. Additional duties include collecting hotel stores, wheel chairs duties and baggage duties.  Attends various training session with the aim to further improve his/her level of performance.  Attends daily menu briefings in regards of our daily menus  Learn and implement standards of the ship by meeting the relative standards of the restaurant he/she will be assigned to.  Strives to a minimize breakage and wastage and follows proper procedures when disposing of garbage.  Helps to set up special events and functions as instructed by the ships management  Communicates any problems, challenges, complaints or service difficulties in a timely manner to the immediate supervisor.  Assists with Lido duties on a regular basis.  Table silver service in the restaurants to adhere.  Follows company guidelines regarding uniforms and personal hygiene  Being able to identify special meal request of specific guests  Responsible for the proper storage/use and maintenance of glassware and china.  Assists in additional duties as requested by the ships management. Job Requirements: Preference should be given to candidates with:  Diploma from a recognized apprenticeship program, or equivalent.  At least two years of full time working experience on a four or five star (or similar grade) hotel/restaurant, in the addition of catering college, catering to an international clientele.  Restaurant experience combined with good attitude, willingness to learn, good presentation and English language skills.  Previous experience from another Cruise Line  To be knowledgeable of the USPH and other international Public Health rules and regulations by participating in the company's Basic Food Hygiene course every 2 years and achieving a minimum of 80% pass. Experience:  Requires the knowledge of all aspects of good quality restaurant service.  Preferably some shipboard related working experience  Working experience with international clientele Skills:  Must be self disciplined and be able to communicate with the guest and other departments.  Must be a self motivated person with an eye for detail  Should always have the ambition for promotion  Ability to work in a team  Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions and see to the completion to the task assigned  Must be a good time keeper  Carry a tray of plates The 3 Man System The Front Person The Front Person is in charge of the station. They work closely together with the Assistant Maitre d’s, communicating any challenges as they arise. Their main duties include:  Setting up and managing their own station  Taking orders, serve and clear plates  Controls and organizes the station by calling checks  Deals with the guests’ needs, challenges and special orders  Delegates the work to the second person and runner The Second Person They are second in charge of the station while the Front person is preoccupied. Their main duties include:  Assisting the Front Person by taking orders, especially the larger tables  Helps the runner to collect the food items from the galley  Serving and clearing food, condiment service, water and other table service procedures  Has the overview of all the tables on the station The Runner The runners’ main tasks are to transport the food from the galley to the restaurant and return the dirty equipment to the dish wash area.  Must be able to read the checks and run accordingly  Serve and refill of water, bread, butter, spread, bread sticks and coffee.  Serve condiments and pepper  Set the pace of the service by running efficiently Monthly Salary Advice for Restaurant Waiter/ess & Seabourn College Students As discussed during your interview you will receive a pay statement every month you are onboard. These statements cannot be easily replaced, so please look after them and keep them safe. All pay and related income, expenses and deductions are recorded on your pay statement. Wages for all front of house crew will be paid in Euros and paid for the months worked onboard. You are not paid on leave. When the vessels are in dry dock you will only receive basic pay. Seabourn Cruise Line (SCLL) Bermuda does not deduct tax from your wages or make Social Security /Welfare payments on your behalf. Your personal Income Tax is your own responsibility. You are advised to contact your local Tax and Social Security office for guidance on any liabilities you may have. On Seabourn Cruise Line, gratuities are included in the fare, and guests are aware that tipping is neither required nor expected onboard. However crew members are permitted to accept any additional tips which may be given by the guests. SEABOURN COLLEGE Duration: 3 Weeks (Approximately around ships schedule) Salary: Euros 1121.94 per month The below salary will be paid for the remaining months onboard. Standard Monthly Salary with effect from 1st January 2014 1st Contract €1907.38 All other Contracts €2057.38 Please Note: Working hours is based on 70 hours per week, Sunday to Saturday inclusive. Overtime is paid for any hours worked over 70 hours with this one week. Over Time is paid at €3.90 per hour worked.