The Story of a Cruise Ship Cook Who Won The Battle Against COVID-19

Apr 28, 2020

The following story speaks of one crew member reality and his fight not only with the COVID-19 but also with the loss of a parent during the lockdown of the cruise ships. What happens when you are stuck on a cruise ship thousands of miles from home, not able to pay respect, and say final goodbye to the person who raised you? This is the reality of a cook who due to the circumstances and the lockdown caused by the global pandemic, received the sad news while on a cruise ship. Several days later the crew member tested positive for Covid-19, but he managed to recover and tell his story.

“Let me start my story.

My name is Chef D, other information about my identity I cannot mention to keep my life private. For more than 10 years I was working as a Chef on cruise ships, too many contracts I can't even remember. Working in a cruise ship is a dream come true, travel the world, good salary and life-changing experiences.

Life-changing because you spent more time on the ship with crew and passengers more than my family.

Last year while I am on vacation my wife ask me for legal separation saying that she's not happy anymore in our marriage. The next month my mother was diagnosed of cancer. It feels like my world was falling apart. I was dreaming of a happy and best vacation for my family while I'm on board for 8months and this is what happen. A sad reality.

I'm back on the ship, doing all the best for my job. I'm the joker, clown, bully, happy and very loud and talkative chef. In that personality, I was able to hide my pain and problems that I am going through.

Three months had passed I manage to stay still until the coronavirus hit our ship. Six of our passengers are infected with Coronavirus. Even our medical team and officers managed to send them to hospitals the outbreak did not stop.

Every day the numbers of the crew getting sick was going up because we are exposed to those passengers not knowing who is the carrier.

Our ship did everything they can to stop the virus, but COVID-19 is a very hard opponent.

Not everyone is ready for it.

Every day we are fighting for our safety and our life at sea. Two weeks in that situation I received a call from my sister that my mother passed away.

Heartbreaking news, I want to go home to see my mother for the last time even she's in the coffin but how. Almost all countries are lockdown, no flights, and quarantine procedures are being imposed.

I only see my mom and family by video calls and Facebook live. I am with them thru social media on those days of her funeral. I might not see my mother again but she will always be in my heart. I am very grateful for her unconditional love to me as his son. My wife and I might not have a good relationship but I'm still hoping that it will all go back to the home we both love and treasured.

I tested positive for COVOD-19

Two days after my mom’s funeral, another bad news came. I am one of the crew that was tested positive for coronavirus. I was transferred to the hotel for proper isolation and monitored by doctors and nurses of Public health. Since my condition is stable and I'm getting well day by day. I don't need to be admitted in the hospital. Eating vegetables, fresh fruits and drinking warm water with lemon helps me a lot. I spent days of my isolation singing karaoke in my hotel room, joking around with the nurses, and calling reception by midnight, when nobody is not answering my calls and chat in social media.

  • Today I was released from isolation and I am covid free.
  • I encountered many storms but I always believe that our God is with us.
  • Keep praying and believing.
  • Together with my faith in God I win my battles with corona virus.
  • Keep fighting "laban lang"
  • Thank you for the following fb group for sharing my story to inspire others.”

Text crerdit: Pambansang Marino