Thomson Majesty Passenger Mugged in Naples

May 17, 2016

Thomson Majesty senior passenger was mugged on Saturday while the cruise ship was docked in the Port of Naples, Italy. The 72 year-old British tourist was on a daily tour at Via Pasquale Scura when she was approached by a man on scooter, who snatched two gold chains of her neck. Another tourist tried to help the woman and stop the robbery however he was physically assaulted by the robber. The police immediately arrived on the scene, and seized a motorcycle helmet, lost by the theft in the hectic period after the robbery. Thanks to the detailed description and the CCTV footage, they identified the person as Salvatore Battista 35 years-old. After finding out the address of the theft Police officers headed on their way to his home, when they noticed his scooter parked outside a barber-shop. The police approached Battista, who at first didn’t resisted the arrest and follow them out of the shop. Once outside he started to punch the officers in an attempt to escape. The man was handcuffed by policemen with many difficulties, and was arrested on several charges including robbery, resisting arrest and assault on police officers.One month ago another cruise ship passenger sailing on the cruise ship Norwegian Epic was mugged in Palermo, Italy.