Three Carnival Paradise passengers injured in buggy accident in Cozumel

Apr 29, 2016

Three tourists were injured in Cozumel, Mexico on Thursday when they crushed in a tree with their buggy. According to Cozumel police report, the accident happened at 12:15 p.m. when emergency services were called to the scene where three people were injured inside a buggy. All three were a passengers of Carnival cruise ship, Carnival Paradise. Police says the crush occurred after the driver lost control of the buggy while taking a corner traveling at a high speed.

Carnival Paradise passengers were identified as Frank Colemire, Brittany Colemire, and Ivonne Colemire. The 25 year-old Brittany Colemire indicated that Frank was driving the buggy while they were touring the ruins of the Cedral when they lost control and hit a tree. Frank Colemire was ejected from his seat and thrown head-first into the windshield, suffering serious head injuries. The other two passengers suffered minor injuries and bruises by the tree branches.

This is second traffic accident in one month involving Carnival Cruise Line passengers. Two Carnival Liberty Passengers lost their life’s in Motorcycle Accident in Cozumel on April 4, 2016 in similar circumstances.