The World’s Oldest Cruise Ship to be Auctioned for 10 Million Euros

Feb 15, 2021

The world’s oldest operational cruise ship Astoria (ex Azores), has been listed for sale and will be auctioned at a minimum asking price of 10 million Euros, reports Lloyds's List.

The Administrator of Insolvency of "Islands Cruises ‐ Transportes Marítimos Unipessoal, Lda.", announces the sale, in the modality of “Closed Letter with Proposal”, of the vessel arrested in the Insolvency Proceeding, which is on sale in the Judicial Court of the District of Madeira ‐ Funchal Commerce Court.

The Vessel is sold in its physical and legal condition, free from all mortgages, encumbrances and maritime liens or any other debts whatsoever, being the responsibility of the buyer all costs related to the purchase, namely registration. After leaving Tilbury the ship was rerouted to the Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where the vessel is currently located and prohibited from visiting.

MV Astoria was built in 1948  as a transatlantic liner MS Stockholm for Swedish American Line and rebuilt as a cruise ship in 1993. At 72 years old, she was the oldest passenger ship still sailing. During her long history of service, she has passed through dozen cruise companies and sailed under 11 different names before beginning service as Astoria in March 2016. Astoria last sailed under Cruise & Maritime Voyages until 2020 when the company suspended operations and declared bankruptcy.

Video of MV Astoria full ship tour