Yacht Crew Member Found Dead in Her Cabin After Celebrating England's Victory at World Cup

Jul 06, 2018

A British stewardess was found dead in her cabin onboard the Superyacht “La Polonia” while the vessel was docked at the Italian port of Imperia. Rebecca Boyle age 32, was found dead by her fellow crew members after she celebrated England's World Cup win over Colombia. According to the police report, Rebecca tragically died by falling into her cabin and breaking her neck.

Crew of the neighboring yacht “Dynamic” say that Rebecca spent Tuesday night celebrating England’s victory with a bottle of Vodka and that she was intoxicated. She went out celebrating in the nearby club drinking straight from the bottle together with colleagues. Upon returning to the port she was very unsteady on her feet and a crew member from the neighboring yacht escorted Rebecca to the gangway but he couldn’t get on her yacht because it was against the rules.

The following morning she was found dead in her cabin by her colleagues after she didn’t show up for breakfast. At the moment there is no suspect and Police believe it was just an unlucky accident. Rebecca Boyle has started working as a stewardess on the yacht “La Polonia” for about a week and had experience in the role.