Celebrity Millennium Itinerary

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Download entire Celebrity Millennium cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the season 2019, 2020 and 2021 voyages. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date with arrival and departure times in port including current, past and future voyages. Primarily this document is for use of Celebrity Cruises crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcomed to share and use it. You can download the schedule in PDF at the bottom of the page. Celebrity Millenium has cancelled current voyages due to coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in Asia. Pending further updates.

Important notice: As the situation evolves with the current developments by the COVID-19 pandemic, cruise operators have canceled most of their voyages. The following itineraries were released at the beginning of the year 2020, before the start of the pandemic, therefore they are only to be used for informative purposes (historic data). We will keep these itineraries on the website until all comes back to normal and the cruise lines resume operations once again.

Celebrity Millennium Sailing Schedule April-May 2020

Date Port Arrive-Depart
10-Apr-2020 Yokohama, Japan 08:30-21:00
11-Apr-2020 Shimizu, Japan 08:00-16:00
12-Apr-2020 Osaka, Japan 12:00-00:00
13-Apr-2020 Kobe, Japan 07:00-18:00
13-Apr-2020 Osaka, Japan 00:00-04:20
14-Apr-2020 Kochi, Japan 07:00-15:00
15-Apr-2020 Kagoshima (Kyushu), Japan 07:00-15:00
16-Apr-2020 Busan, South Korea 10:00-17:00
17-Apr-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
18-Apr-2020 Aomori, Japan 09:00-20:00
19-Apr-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
20-Apr-2020 Yokohama, Japan 08:00-00:00
21-Apr-2020 Yokohama, Japan 00:00-20:00
22-Apr-2020 Shimizu, Japan 07:00-15:00
23-Apr-2020 Osaka, Japan 11:00-00:00
24-Apr-2020 Kobe, Japan 07:00-18:00
24-Apr-2020 Osaka, Japan 00:00-04:20
25-Apr-2020 Kochi, Japan 07:00-15:00
26-Apr-2020 Kagoshima (Kyushu), Japan 07:00-15:00
27-Apr-2020 Busan, South Korea 10:00-17:00
28-Apr-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
29-Apr-2020 Aomori, Japan 09:00-20:00
30-Apr-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
1-May-2020 Yokohama, Japan 07:30-00:00
2-May-2020 Yokohama, Japan 00:00-17:00
3-May-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
4-May-2020 Amami Oshima, Japan 07:00-17:00
5-May-2020 Okinawa, Japan 07:00-17:00
6-May-2020 Miyako, Japan 08:00-17:00
7-May-2020 Keelung, Taiwan 08:00-15:30
8-May-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
9-May-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
10-May-2020 Yokohama, Japan 00:00-17:00
11-May-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
12-May-2020 Hakodate, Japan 07:00-16:00
13-May-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
14-May-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
15-May-2020 Petropavlovsk (Kamatcha), Russia 08:00-19:00
16-May-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
16-May-2020 Cross International Dateline, Int. Waters 00:00-00:00
17-May-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
18-May-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
19-May-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
20-May-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
21-May-2020 At Sea, Int. Waters 00:00-23:59
22-May-2020 Vancouver BC, Canada 07:00-16:30
23-May-2020 Inside Passage (Alaska), United States 00:00-00:00
24-May-2020 Ketchikan (Alaska), United States 07:00-15:00
25-May-2020 Icy Strait Point (Alaska), United States 10:00-20:00
26-May-2020 Juneau (Alaska), United States 07:00-21:30
27-May-2020 Skagway (Alaska), United States 07:00-16:00
28-May-2020 Hubbard Glacier (Alaska), United States 07:00-11:00
29-May-2020 Seward (Alaska), United States 05:00-20:00
30-May-2020 Hubbard Glacier (Alaska), United States 14:00-18:00
31-May-2020 Juneau (Alaska), United States 09:00-21:00

Celebrity Millennium Data

Double occupancy/max occupancy:  1950 / 2449
Crew:  1000
Year built:  2000
Tonnage:  91000
Length overall:  965ft (294m)
Beam:  105ft (32m)
Flag:  Malta

Corporate office
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, Florida USA
Tel: +1 305 539 6000