Crew Member Attempts Suicide on Oceania Riviera

Nov 04, 2019

Just hours after we shared the news about the suicide attempt of a young Filipino crew member on the cruise ship MSC Mreaviglia, a second suicide attempt by a crew member was reported. This time the incident took place on the luxury cruise ship Oceania Riviera. According to a post by the popular Filipino page named “Buhay Sa Cruise Ship,” the person who attempted suicide was also a Filipino crew member working in the Galley Department. The post in the group was shared by an anonymous crew member onboard Riviera saying that the incident took place while the ship was in  Saguenay, Quebec on the 2nd of November. The Canadian Coast Guard performed a medical evacuation and rushed the crew member to hospital.

In January this year, Oceania Riviera was a scene of another tragic event when a 38-year-old Assistant Destination Manager Giuliano De Cicco died after falling from the ship while the vessel was docked in Port Miami.

In order to prevent this kind of incidents, the crew community is asking all crew members to be more supportive and tolerant among each other, especially to the first-timers. As one crew member said: If you have any problem regardless of what it is. Instead of keeping it to yourselves seek the attention of your friend, fellow crewmember or human resource officer and let it out... Because the more we keep this to ourselves the more it will make harm to our emotions and lead to serious consequences. Working on a ship gives us a lot of reasons to feel depressed, But thru the help of our family and friends, we can make it through each and every day. We have to be the strongest link to survive.

if you have any details about this incident please send an anonymous tip. Here>>>