MS Nieuw Amsterdam Itinerary

Cruise Line: 
Holland America

Download entire Holland America Line MS Nieuw Amsterdam cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the season 2019, 2020 and 2021. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date from January till December with arrival and departure times in port. Primarily this document is for use of Holland America Line crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcomed to share and use it.

MS Nieuw Amsterdam Sailing Schedule Jan-Feb 2020

Nieuw Amsterdam1-Jan-2020George Town, Cayman Islands08:00-16:00
Nieuw Amsterdam2-Jan-2020Cozumel, Mexico11:00-23:00
Nieuw Amsterdam3-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam4-Jan-2020Fort Lauderdale, United States07:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam5-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam6-Jan-2020Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos08:00-15:00
Nieuw Amsterdam7-Jan-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico11:00-20:00
Nieuw Amsterdam8-Jan-2020Philipsburg (St. Maarten)08:00-15:00
Nieuw Amsterdam9-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam10-Jan-2020Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas08:00-15:00
Nieuw Amsterdam11-Jan-2020Fort Lauderdale, United States07:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam12-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam13-Jan-2020Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos08:00-15:00
Nieuw Amsterdam14-Jan-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico13:00-23:00
Nieuw Amsterdam15-Jan-2020Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands08:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam16-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam17-Jan-2020Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas08:00-15:00
Nieuw Amsterdam18-Jan-2020Fort Lauderdale, United States07:00-00:00
Nieuw Amsterdam21-Jan-2020Philipsburg (St. Maarten)08:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam22-Jan-2020St. Croix, US Virgin Islands08:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam23-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam24-Jan-2020Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas08:00-15:00
Nieuw Amsterdam25-Jan-2020Fort Lauderdale, United States07:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam26-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam27-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam28-Jan-2020Philipsburg (St. Maarten)08:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam29-Jan-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico11:00-23:00
Nieuw Amsterdam30-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam31-Jan-2020Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas08:00-15:00
Nieuw Amsterdam1-Feb-2020Fort Lauderdale, United States00:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam2-Feb-2020Key West (Florida)08:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam3-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam4-Feb-2020Amber Cove, Dominican Republic08:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam5-Feb-2020Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos08:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam6-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam7-Feb-2020Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas07:00-15:00
Nieuw Amsterdam8-Feb-2020Fort Lauderdale, United States07:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam9-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam10-Feb-2020Amber Cove, Dominican Republic10:00-18:00
Nieuw Amsterdam11-Feb-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico11:00-23:00
Nieuw Amsterdam12-Feb-2020Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands08:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam13-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam14-Feb-2020Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas08:00-15:00
Nieuw Amsterdam15-Feb-2020Fort Lauderdale, United States07:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam16-Feb-2020Key West (Florida)08:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam17-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam18-Feb-2020Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos08:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam19-Feb-2020Amber Cove, Dominican Republic08:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam20-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam21-Feb-2020Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas07:00-15:00
Nieuw Amsterdam22-Feb-2020Fort Lauderdale, United States07:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam23-Feb-2020Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas08:00-16:00
Nieuw Amsterdam24-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam25-Feb-2020Falmouth, Jamaica08:00-17:00
Nieuw Amsterdam26-Feb-2020George Town, Cayman Islands08:00-16:00
Nieuw Amsterdam27-Feb-2020Cozumel, Mexico11:00-23:00
Nieuw Amsterdam28-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Nieuw Amsterdam29-Feb-2020Fort Lauderdale, United States07:00-17:00

Ship Info
Double occupancy/max occupancy:  2000 / 2106
Crew:  929
Year built:  2010
Tonnage:  86000
Length overall:  935ft (285m)
Beam:  118ft (36m)
Flag:  Netherlands

 5 restaurants - Manhattan dining room, Lido buffet restaurant, Canaletto restaurant, Tamarind restaurant, Pinnacle grill  12 bars/cafes including Explorations internet cafe, Lido bar, Ocean bar, Piano bar, Pinnacle bar, Sea View bar, Sports bar, Slice pizza counter, Terrace grill, Lido bar

Health and Fitness
 3 pools - Sea View pool, Lido pool, Hydro pool  5 jacuzzis  Gym  Greenhouse Spa  Beauty salon  Sauna  Promenade deck walk

 The Showroom at Sea theater  Casino  The Northern Lights disco  Crow's Nest lounge/nightclub  Neptune lounge  Sild Den lounge  Queen's lounge/Culinary Arts center  Half Moon Lounge  Hudson card room  Screening room  Club HAL kids club  The Loft teens club

Other Facilities
 Shops  Kings room meeting lounge  Medical center

300 Elliott Ave. West, Seattle, WA 98119
Tel: +1 206 281 3535
Fax: +1 206 281 7110

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