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Appreciation Letter To The Captain of MSC Divina, Management And The Entire Crew

Jun 05, 2020

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean with 1450 crew members on board, the cruise ship MSC Divina finally arrived at the port of Civitavecchia, Italy on June 4. Crew Center received the following appreciation letter from a crew member expressing his respect and gratitude towards all on board, making this journey a great experience.

Letter from a crew member stranded on cruise ship “We don't live, we survive”

May 21, 2020

With each day passing by the mental health of the crew still stranded on the cruise ships is deteriorating. One crew member stranded on the cruise ship has sent Crew Center the following letter saying “We don't live, we survive” and asks the government to return home. “I stay in my cabin every day I cry while praying and the walls come to me. A wall as long as it is high, it represents the height of patience that we have to wait.” sid the crew member.

MSC Preziosa: 2 crew members test positive for Covid-19

May 01, 2020

Several crew members have contacted Crew Center saying that two of their fellow crew members tested positive for COVID-19 on the cruise ship MSC Preziosa. A crew member has send us two recordings of the announcement made on the PA system, the first on April 30 announcing that one crew member tested positive for COVID-19, and the second announcement made today saying that the test results are completed and one more crew member also tested positive for the virus.

Q&A Session: Staying On Board Vs. Going Home

Mar 27, 2020

Dear Crew, whether you are at home battling through daily tasks, trying to cope with our new reality or still on board, trying to keep sane and healthy, - we are here for you.

Crew Center keeps its hand on crew-news pulse and does an admirable job at helping/supporting whoever we can.

Crew Self-Care: How to Stay Well Until We Re-Embark

Mar 26, 2020

Dear Crew Worldwide,

How are you today? We really hope you are managing as well as it is possible in these uncharted waters. We know it’s scary to find ourselves in this new reality with suspended jobs, no certainty and plenty of challenges to come. So, let’s take a few moments and explore the state of our inner world, our inner selves.

Crew Letter: As a crew member, I understand the company decision to send us home

Mar 24, 2020
  • Who would have thought that this will happen?
  • Who would have thought that this unexpected event will suddenly affect all of us?

MSC Splendida Emergency Medical Evacuation of Crew Member

Mar 23, 2020

A crew member was evacuated from the cruise ship MSC Splendida today at around 14:00 central European time, while the vessel was near the island of Sardinia. According to our source, the crew member is a female Thai national working as a buffet attendant on board. The medical emergency was requested after the crew member was suffering from fever and sore throat for 3 days and her medical condition was getting worse.

MSC Opera Status: 200 crew onboard, 7 positive for COVID-19 at home, 13 in quarantine on the ship

Mar 21, 2020

Around 200 crew members are stuck on the cruise ship MSC Opera docked in the port of Genoa, Italy. The number of quarantined crew members has risen from 7 people since March 18, to 13 isolated crew in just two days. As the situation is getting progressively worse in Italy, the crew are stuck on the ship until they get clearance from the Italian Health Authorities and test negative for the virus.

MSC Cruises Cancels MSC Opera Next Voyage

Mar 10, 2020

The cruise ship MSC Opera has canceled the next 12-Day Mediterranean voyage departing from Genoa, Italy and the vessel will remain in port until further notice. According to MSC Cruises, the cancelation of the March 10-21 cruise on MSC Opera comes after the Italian government announced new restrictive measures that affect the entire Lombardy region and 14 other provinces in northern Italy.

Coronavirus Alert on MSC Opera

Mar 04, 2020

The cruise ship MSC Opera is on high alert after Austrian passenger who disembarked the vessel on February 28, in Genoa, Italy tested positive for Coronavirus. MSC Cruises was notified today by the Austrian Health Authorities that upon arrival back home the man has been diagnosed with COVID-19.