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Best and Worst Drunk Cruise Ship Stories

Aug 21, 2016

Crew members work hard and play hard. When off duty we like to party in crew bar or if the cruise ship stays overnight we like to party all night in the port. These are some of the stories we collected by ex-staff and crew members and their drunk experiences at sea. Some of their actions led to dismissal some .. well you need to read thier drunk stories.

Celebrity Cruises Bartender Wins Diageo Best Bartender Award

Aug 18, 2016

Celebrity Cruises bartender, Andrej Malic has been named Diageo Global Travel’s best bartender for 2016. This global bartender competition was held on 17 August in the Diageo 396 Bar in Miami. Andrej Malic, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, topped the competition from hundreds of cruise line bartenders representing Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruises. The Celebrity Cruises bartender won this prestigious award with his ‘Old Spice Fashion’ cocktail, featuring Bulleit Bourbon.

Crew Pickup Lines that only Work on Cruise Ships

Aug 17, 2016

Love life for the crew is unique just like the entire working and social environment at sea. Unlike on land when you have much more time for dating, crew romance is unique. From our experience, we selected five pickup lines that only work on a cruise ship combined with photos. Some of them work, some not, some are cheesy other romantic. For the ex-crew members, this pickup lines will put a smile on their faces and bring back old memories. We hope you enjoy.

1. Pickup Line - Wanna go on open deck and watch the stars.

How to Avoid Negative Guest Comments on Cruise ship

Aug 16, 2016

Working on a cruise ship can be very demanding and stressful. Long hours, not enough rest, and missing home can contribute towards the unhappiness of crew members. The motivation for every crew member is money and positive guest comment cards. Money gives crew members freedom to plan their future further than the cruise ship and positive guest comments give them an opportunity to get more money faster. 

The Meaning of Banana on Cruise Ship

Aug 13, 2016

The word Banana has different meaning among crew members working on cruise ship. This word is used quite often by the crew members and means bad time, bad feeling, or disappointment. Here are some examples shown in funny cruise ship photos of the meaning of banana. Have fun and enjoy your banana cruise. 

In the comment box bellow you can add your definition of Banana?


Meet Anthem of the Seas Hotel Director

Aug 11, 2016

Take a look at the daily operations of the Royal Caribbean hotel director Gary Davies on board Anthem of the Seas. In the video blow he explains the daily operations, work responsibilities and interaction with the guests. Gary Davies sees to every detail that impacts the hotel department and overall guest experience. Watch as he gives a behind-the-scenes tour at managing the day-to-day operations on Anthem of the Seas to ensure unforgettable vacation for all guests.

Who Are Best and Worst Cruise Ship Tippers?

Jul 31, 2016

People working on cruise ship in Dining room department, Bar department and Housekeeping depend on tips since most of their salary comes from the guests gratuities. Guests from all around the world board on cruise ship and depending on their culture they tip well or poor. When I was working on cruise ship as a waiter I could tell who will leave tip for the provided service and who will just shake your hand at the end of the cruise without leaving single penny. If you work on cruise ship, you have probably developed this professional instinct already.

How to overcome stress when working on cruise ship?

Jul 23, 2016

First thing you will hear from people working on a cruise ship is that the working hours are long (10 to 14 hours a day). For average people on land this is too much for one working day. However as you all know people work on cruise ships, some even for 10+ years, and they are ok with this. Long working hours are nothing compared to the philological stress at work and the new ship environment that the first timers face when working on cruise ship. The psychological stress is the reason why crew members quit on their firs contract.

Amazing Gadgets for Cruise Ship Crew Members

Jul 22, 2016

For all gadget freaks working on cruise ship we chosen the coolest hi-tech gadgets which can make your experience more enjoyable in the ports you are visiting. After the long working hours you have limited time to explore the ports and run back to the ship for your next shift. We believe that this gadgets will make your ship life easier and more fun.

Nixie - wearable camera that can fly

Cruise Ship Crew Members Stranded at Istanbul Airport Recount Military Coup

Jul 17, 2016

Following the military coup there was absolute chaos at Istanbul International airport. Thousands of passengers were stranded after all flights have been canceled. Among the stranded passengers were crew members working on cruise ship. Some of the stranded crew members were waiting to catch connecting flights to get back home, others to return to cruise ship for another contract. 


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