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Complete MSC Musica cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the season 2021 voyages. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date from January to December, with arrival and departure times in port including current, past and future itineraries. Primarily this document is for use of MSC crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcomed to share and use it. You can download the schedule in PDF at the end of the page.

MSC Musica Sailing Schedule Jan-Feb 2021

Date Port Arrival-Departure
2-Jan-21 Itajai, Brazil 08:00-18:00
3-Jan-21 Santos (Sao Paulo), Brazil 08:00-17:00
4-Jan-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
5-Jan-21 Punta Del Este, Uruguay 11:00-18:00
6-Jan-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 09:00-23:59
7-Jan-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 00:00-08:00
8-Jan-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
9-Jan-21 Itajai, Brazil 08:00-18:00
10-Jan-21 Santos (Sao Paulo), Brazil 08:00-17:00
11-Jan-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
12-Jan-21 Punta Del Este, Uruguay 11:00-18:00
13-Jan-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 09:00-23:59
14-Jan-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 00:00-08:00
15-Jan-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
16-Jan-21 Itajai, Brazil 08:00-18:00
17-Jan-21 Santos (Sao Paulo), Brazil 08:00-17:00
18-Jan-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
19-Jan-21 Montevideo, Uruguay 14:00-19:00
20-Jan-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 09:00-23:59
21-Jan-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 00:00-08:00
22-Jan-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
23-Jan-21 Itajai, Brazil 08:00-18:00
24-Jan-21 Santos (Sao Paulo), Brazil 08:00-17:00
25-Jan-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
26-Jan-21 Punta Del Este, Uruguay 11:00-18:00
27-Jan-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 09:00-23:59
28-Jan-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 00:00-08:00
29-Jan-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
30-Jan-21 Itajai, Brazil 08:00-18:00
31-Jan-21 Santos (Sao Paulo), Brazil 08:00-17:00
1-Feb-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
2-Feb-21 Punta Del Este, Uruguay 11:00-18:00
3-Feb-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 09:00-23:59
4-Feb-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 00:00-08:00
5-Feb-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
6-Feb-21 Itajai, Brazil 08:00-18:00
7-Feb-21 Santos (Sao Paulo), Brazil 08:00-17:00
8-Feb-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
9-Feb-21 Punta Del Este, Uruguay 11:00-18:00
10-Feb-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 09:00-23:59
11-Feb-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 00:00-08:00
12-Feb-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
13-Feb-21 Itajai, Brazil 08:00-18:00
14-Feb-21 Santos (Sao Paulo), Brazil 08:00-17:00
15-Feb-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
16-Feb-21 Punta Del Este, Uruguay 11:00-18:00
17-Feb-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 09:00-23:59
18-Feb-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 00:00-08:00
19-Feb-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
20-Feb-21 Itajai, Brazil 08:00-18:00
21-Feb-21 Santos (Sao Paulo), Brazil 08:00-17:00
22-Feb-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
23-Feb-21 Punta Del Este, Uruguay 11:00-18:00
24-Feb-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 09:00-23:59
25-Feb-21 Buenos Aires, Argentina 00:00-08:00
26-Feb-21 At Sea 00:00-23-59
27-Feb-21 Itajai, Brazil 08:00-18:00
28-Feb-21 Santos (Sao Paulo), Brazil 08:00-17:00



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