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Complete MSC Splendida cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the season 2019 voyages. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date with arrival and departure times in port. Primarily this document is for use of MSC crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcomed to share and use it. You can download the schedule in PDF at the bottom of the page. 

MSC Splendida Sailing Schedule February - March 2019

 ShipSailing DatePortArrive-Depart
MSC Splendida1-Feb-2019Dubai, UAE09:00-24:00
MSC Splendida2-Feb-2019Dubai, UAE00:00-23:00
MSC Splendida3-Feb-2019Abu Dhabi, UAE05:00-23:00
MSC Splendida4-Feb-2019Sir Bani Yas, UAE09:00-17:00
MSC Splendida5-Feb-2019At Sea, Intl. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC Splendida6-Feb-2019Muscat, Oman08:00-18:00
MSC Splendida7-Feb-2019Khasab, Oman09:00-18:00
MSC Splendida8-Feb-2019Dubai, UAE09:00-24:00
MSC Splendida9-Feb-2019Dubai, UAE00:00-23:00
MSC Splendida10-Feb-2019Abu Dhabi, UAE05:00-23:00
MSC Splendida11-Feb-2019Sir Bani Yas, UAE09:00-17:00
MSC Splendida12-Feb-2019At Sea, Intl. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC Splendida13-Feb-2019Mina Sulman, Bahrain08:00-18:00
MSC Splendida14-Feb-2019Doha, Qatar08:00-18:00
MSC Splendida15-Feb-2019Dubai, UAE09:00-24:00
MSC Splendida16-Feb-2019Dubai, UAE00:00-23:00
MSC Splendida17-Feb-2019Abu Dhabi, UAE05:00-23:00
MSC Splendida18-Feb-2019Sir Bani Yas, UAE09:00-17:00
MSC Splendida19-Feb-2019At Sea, Intl. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC Splendida20-Feb-2019Muscat, Oman08:00-18:00
MSC Splendida21-Feb-2019Khasab, Oman09:00-18:00
MSC Splendida22-Feb-2019Dubai, UAE09:00-24:00
MSC Splendida23-Feb-2019Dubai, UAE00:00-23:00
MSC Splendida24-Feb-2019Abu Dhabi, UAE05:00-23:00
MSC Splendida25-Feb-2019Sir Bani Yas, UAE09:00-17:00
MSC Splendida26-Feb-2019At Sea, Intl. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC Splendida27-Feb-2019Muscat, Oman08:00-18:00
MSC Splendida28-Feb-2019Khasab, Oman09:00-18:00
MSC Splendida1-Mar-2019Dubai, UAE09:00-24:00
MSC Splendida2-Mar-2019Dubai, UAE00:00-23:00
MSC Splendida3-Mar-2019Abu Dhabi, UAE05:00-23:00
MSC Splendida4-Mar-2019Sir Bani Yas, UAE09:00-17:00
MSC Splendida5-Mar-2019At Sea, Intl. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC Splendida6-Mar-2019Mina Sulman, Bahrain08:00-18:00
MSC Splendida7-Mar-2019Doha, Qatar08:00-18:00
MSC Splendida8-Mar-2019Dubai, UAE09:00-24:00
MSC Splendida9-Mar-2019Dubai, UAE00:00-23:00
MSC Splendida10-Mar-2019Abu Dhabi, UAE05:00-23:00
MSC Splendida11-Mar-2019Sir Bani Yas, UAE09:00-17:00
MSC Splendida12-Mar-2019At Sea, Intl. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC Splendida13-Mar-2019Muscat, Oman08:00-18:00
MSC Splendida14-Mar-2019Khasab, Oman09:00-18:00
MSC Splendida15-Mar-2019Dubai, UAE09:00-24:00
MSC Splendida16-Mar-2019Dubai, UAE00:00-23:00
MSC Splendida17-Mar-2019Abu Dhabi, UAE05:00-23:00
MSC Splendida18-Mar-2019Sir Bani Yas, UAE09:00-17:00
MSC Splendida19-Mar-2019At Sea, Intl. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC Splendida20-Mar-2019Muscat, Oman08:00-18:00
MSC Splendida21-Mar-2019Khasab, Oman09:00-18:00
MSC Splendida22-Mar-2019Dubai, UAE09:00-24:00
MSC Splendida23-Mar-2019Dubai, UAE00:00-23:00
MSC Splendida24-Mar-2019Abu Dhabi, UAE05:00-23:00
MSC Splendida25-Mar-2019Sir Bani Yas, UAE09:00-17:00
MSC Splendida26-Mar-2019At Sea, Intl. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC Splendida27-Mar-2019Mina Sulman, Bahrain08:00-18:00
MSC Splendida28-Mar-2019Doha, Qatar08:00-18:00
MSC Splendida29-Mar-2019Dubai, UAE09:00-24:00
MSC Splendida30-Mar-2019Dubai, UAE00:00-23:00
MSC Splendida31-Mar-2019Dubai, UAE00:00-23:00

Ship Info
Double occupancy/max occupancy:  3274 / 3959
Crew:  1325
Year built:  2009
Tonnage:  133500
Length overall:  1093ft (333m)
Beam:  125ft (38m)
Cruising speed:  23 knots
Flag:  Panama

 6 restaurants - La Reggia dining room, Villa Verda dining room, Pago Pago buffet restaurant, Bora Bora pizzeria/buffet, Santa Fe Tex-Mex restaurant, L'Olivio a la carte French restaurant  13 bars/cafes including L'Espresso coffee bar, Splendida bar, Blue Note jazz bar, La Prua pub, Riviera de Chiaia piano bar, l'Aperitivo bar, L'Enoteca wine bar, Sports bar, Cigar lounge and bar, Bar Del Riccio aqua park bar, Tartaruga pool bar, Movida pool bar

Health and Fitness
 5 pools - Acqua park pool, L'Equatore pool, Playaa del Sol pool, The One pool, Children's waterpark and pool  14 jacuzzis  Gym  Spa  Beauty salon  Sauna  Sports court  Minigolf  Shuffleboard  Jogging track

 Strand theater  Royal Palm casino  Club 33 disco  Aft Lounge with dance floor  4D cinema  Outdoor cinema  Cyber Library Internet cafe  Card Room  Top Sail MSC Yacht club lounge  Adventure of the Nile chilren's play area  I Graffiti teen disco  Virtual World video arcade  Virtual simulator

Other Facilities
 Shops  Art Gallery  Meeting/conference room

You can download MSC Splendida cruise itinerary in PDF File for an entire year at the link below.

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