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Complete MSC Sinfonia cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the season 2019-2020 voyages. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date with arrival and departure times in port including current, past and future itineraries. Primarily this document is for use of MSC crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcomed to share and use it. You can download the schedule in PDF at the bottom of the page.

MSC Sinfonia Sailing Schedule March-May 2020

Sailing DatePortArrive-Depart
2-Mar-2020Montevideo, Uruguay12:00-20:00
3-Mar-2020Buenos Aires, Argentina08:00-18:00
4-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
5-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
6-Mar-2020Santos (Sao Paulo), Brazil08:00-17:00
7-Mar-2020Itajai, Brazil07:00-16:00
8-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
9-Mar-2020Montevideo, Uruguay12:00-20:00
10-Mar-2020Buenos Aires, Argentina08:00-18:00
11-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
12-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
13-Mar-2020Santos (Sao Paulo), Brazil08:00-17:00
14-Mar-2020Rio De Janeiro, Brazila08:00-
15-Mar-2020Rio De Janeiro, Brazil17:00
16-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
17-Mar-2020Salvador de Bahia, Brazil10:00-17:00
18-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
19-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
20-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
21-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
22-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
23-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
24-Mar-2020Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain08:00-16:00
25-Mar-2020Funchal (Madeira), Portugal09:00-18:00
26-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
27-Mar-2020Malaga, Spain12:00-22:00
28-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
29-Mar-2020Barcelona, Spain07:00-16:00
30-Mar-2020Ajaccio (Corsica), France10:00-18:00
31-Mar-2020Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy07:00-17:00
1-Apr-2020Messina (Sicily), Italy12:00-19:30
2-Apr-2020Corfu, Greece13:00-19:00
3-Apr-2020Dubrovnik, Croatia07:00-14:00
4-Apr-2020Venice, Italy09:00-16:30
5-Apr-2020Split, Croatia07:00-17:00
6-Apr-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
7-Apr-2020Santorini, Greece08:00-14:00
8-Apr-2020Sarande, Albania13:00-19:00
9-Apr-2020Dubrovnik, Croatia09:00-18:00
10-Apr-2020Ancona, Italy10:00-18:00
11-Apr-2020Venice, Italy08:00-16:30
12-Apr-2020Split, Croatia07:00-17:00
13-Apr-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
14-Apr-2020Santorini, Greece08:00-14:00
15-Apr-2020Sarande, Albania13:00-19:00
16-Apr-2020Dubrovnik, Croatia09:00-18:00
17-Apr-2020Ancona, Italy10:00-18:00
18-Apr-2020Venice, Italy08:00-16:30
19-Apr-2020Split, Croatia07:00-17:00
20-Apr-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
21-Apr-2020Santorini, Greece08:00-14:00
22-Apr-2020Sarande, Albania13:00-19:00
23-Apr-2020Dubrovnik, Croatia09:00-18:00
24-Apr-2020Ancona, Italy10:00-18:00
25-Apr-2020Venice, Italy08:00-16:30
26-Apr-2020Split, Croatia07:00-17:00
27-Apr-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
28-Apr-2020Santorini, Greece08:00-14:00
29-Apr-2020Sarande, Albania13:00-19:00
30-Apr-2020Dubrovnik, Croatia09:00-18:00
1-May-2020Ancona, Italy10:00-18:00
2-May-2020Venice, Italy08:00-16:30
3-May-2020Split, Croatia07:00-17:00
4-May-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
5-May-2020Santorini, Greece08:00-14:00
6-May-2020Sarande, Albania13:00-19:00
7-May-2020Dubrovnik, Croatia09:00-18:00
8-May-2020Ancona, Italy10:00-18:00
9-May-2020Venice, Italy08:00-16:30
10-May-2020Split, Croatia07:00-17:00
11-May-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
12-May-2020Santorini, Greece07:00-20:00
13-May-2020Mykonos, Greece22:00-04:00
14-May-2020Dubrovnik, Croatia14:00-20:00
15-May-2020Ancona, Italy10:00-18:00
16-May-2020Venice, Italy08:00-16:30
17-May-2020Split, Croatia07:00-17:00
18-May-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
19-May-2020Santorini, Greece07:00-20:00
20-May-2020Mykonos, Greece22:00-04:00
21-May-2020Dubrovnik, Croatia14:00-20:00
22-May-2020Ancona, Italy10:00-18:00
23-May-2020Venice, Italy08:00-16:30
24-May-2020Split, Croatia07:00-17:00
25-May-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
26-May-2020Santorini, Greece07:00-20:00
27-May-2020Mykonos, Greece22:00-04:00
28-May-2020Dubrovnik, Croatia14:00-20:00
29-May-2020Ancona, Italy10:00-18:00
30-May-2020Venice, Italy08:00-16:30
31-May-2020Split, Croatia07:00-17:00


  • Ship Info
  • Double occupancy/max occupancy:  1566 / 2020
  • Crew:  711
  • Year built:  2002
  • Tonnage:  58700
  • Length overall:  824ft (251m)
  • Beam:  95ft (29m)
  • Cruising speed:  19.5 knots
  • Flag:  Panama

 4 restaurants - Il Galeone dining room, Il Covo dining room, La Terazza buffet restaurant, Caffe del Mare pizza/grill  9 bars/cafes including Sinfonia cafe, Le Baroque coffee bar, Capri ice cream bar, Buddha piano bar, Shelagh's Irish pub, Manhattan bar, Ambassador cigar room

Health and Fitness
 2 pools  2 jacuzzis  Gym  Spa  Beauty salon  Sauna  Sports court  Minigolf  Shuffleboard  Golf simulator  Jogging track

 San Carlo theater  San Remo casino  Pasha disco  Sinfonia entertainment lounge with dance floor  Sinfonia@caffe internet center  Library/card room  Pinnochio children's center  The Planet teen club  Galaxy video arcade

Other Facilities
 Shops  Conference room  Medical center

You can download cruise ship itinerary in PDF File for an entire year at the link below.