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27-year-old Woman Dies on Bahamas-Bound Cruise

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A 27-year-old woman from Florida was discovered dead in her cabin aboard a cruise ship traveling towards the Bahamas, according to the Royal Bahamas Police Force. The incident, which came to light on Monday evening, saw the ship's medical personnel attempting resuscitation efforts on the unresponsive passenger, ultimately declaring her dead after the CPR attempts.

The woman was found unresponsive around 5:30 p.m. on Monday. Despite the medical staff efforts, the woman showed no signs of life. The Royal Bahamas Police, said the Criminal Investigation Department, has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the passenger's death.

In the course of their inquiry, police officials seized "suspected cocaine" found within the cabin and arrested a 32-year-old man, also from Florida. The nature of the relationship between the deceased and the arrested man has not been disclosed, and their identities have not been released to the public.

Authorities have announced plans for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. Details concerning the cruise line involved remain undisclosed as the investigation continues.