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Crew Facilities

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The main purpose of the project “Cruise ship Crew Facilities” is to help first-time cruise ship employees to get familiar with all the crew facilities and living conditions on a specific ship. Our goal is to present in detail each facility with photos and description in order for future employees to find out more and get a clear picture of what to expect before joining the ship. We believe that also crew members who decide to switch cruise companies or joining another ship will also benefit from this project.

There is a range of crew facilities including bars, open deck area, gym, laundry, crew mess, staff mess, officers mess, disco, accommodation, recreation area, pool, and some even sauna, especially for the crew.

We will try to cover them all with photo galleries and detailed descriptions of each ship including details about the crew welfare, cost of internet, birthday celebrations and other benefits for the cruise ship employees.













  • We need your help: Dear crew members in order to present a detail description of each ship we need your contribution. For now, we have only few cruise ships completed and there a many more to cover. If you like to participate in this project please send us photos from the crew facilities and add a short description together with the name of your ship. You can send a message on our FB Fan Page at
  • or at the following email: