8 Cruise Wonders of the World

Aug 22, 2016

The most respected travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveler in partnership with Princess Cruises presented the most breathtaking cruise ship destinations in the world.  This fascinating video shows the beauty of our planet, from Fiordland national park in New Zealand, to large constructions created by man, the Panama Canal. You can check out all this beautiful and fascinating destinations and visit them on a cruise ship.

Here is the list of  the eight cruise wonders of the world:

#1 FIORDLAND NATIONAL PARK, NEW ZEALAND - Surreal beauty, where the verdant flanks of snowcapped peaks plunge into the crystalline waters of ice-carved fjords.

#2 PANAMA CANAL - Cruise the waterway that linking the two mightiest oceans of the world in an breathtaking engineering feat.

#3 SHIRETOKO PENINSULA, JAPAN - Magical place that leads you through the wilds of Japan's northernmost island, Hokkaido, where verdant coastline is nothing short of spectacular.

#4 GLACIER BAY NATIONAL PARK, ALASKA - Pristine waterways, stunning glaciers, and watching for wildlife are just a few experiences when cruising through dazzling Glacier Bay, Alaska.

#5 CHRIST THE REDEEMER, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - High above the city of Rio De Janeiro with arms outstretched embracing all people is the most famous statue in the world.

#6 TRUNK BAY, ST. JOHN, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS - White powder sand beaches, perfect clear water, and sunny climes—it’s the dream place for all cruise passengers and crew.

#7 HAGIA SOPHIA, ISTANBUL, TURKEY - This beautiful Byzantine cathedral from 532 AD is a mythical monument and a crossroad where eastern culture meets the western culture.

#8 GRAND CANAL IN VENICE, ITALY - The Grand Canal in Venice, was awarded the coveted title of 8th Cruise Wonder of the World. The entire city's 118 islands are linked by meandering networks of canals that beckon for immersive exploration.

Photo by www.princess.com