AIDA Cruises Announces Exciting Career Opportunities and Redesigned Careers Page

Jul 06, 2023

Germany's leading cruise company, AIDA Cruises with 12 cruise ships, and 15,600 employees from 60 countries has recently launched a new employer branding campaign, showcasing its status as an award-winning employer. The campaign aims to attract qualified and motivated specialists and executives, offering them attractive job opportunities both on land and aboard their ships.

Titled "#PlaceToWe," the campaign captures the essence of AIDA's extraordinary work environment—a vibrant team, and a new dream location every day. With a strong emphasis on team experience, the company sets out to discover the perfect place where team spirit thrives.

The #PlaceToWe concept is vividly portrayed through captivating team motifs, short advertisements, interview formats, and an emotionally charged image film. To bring this vision to life, the campaign features real AIDA employees, both ashore and onboard, sharing their firsthand experiences.

As part of the campaign, AIDA has completely redesigned its careers page,, to offer job seekers an immersive and informative journey. The new website, crafted to meet the expectations and needs of potential employees, provides genuine insights into the vibrant world of work at AIDA. With a modern and attractive digital presence, AIDA positions itself as a forward-thinking employer.

The enhanced careers page ensures authenticity, informative content, and mobile accessibility right from the first click. AIDA has significantly improved the search function, introducing attractive filters and user-friendly selection options to guide interested individuals directly to relevant job listings. The mobile-oriented content optimization makes it seamless for users to explore and apply for jobs at AIDA while on the move.

The diverse job offerings span across hotel areas such as restaurants, kitchens, bars, reception, and housekeeping. Moreover, lesser-known departments like DJing, fitness training, beautician services, gallery management, medical assistance, and entertainment require skilled professionals. AIDA Cruises, honored as a Focus Top National Employer 2023 and Top Training Company 2022, is dedicated to discovering and nurturing talented young individuals.

The employer branding campaign was developed in collaboration with CASTENOW, a renowned employer branding agency based in Düsseldorf, Germany.