Aida Cruises Captain Thomas Mey Retires After 47 Years at Sea

Sep 04, 2023

Captain Thomas Mey, a seasoned mariner with a 47-year career at sea, bid farewell to the helm of AIDAsol on September 1st, 2023, marking his retirement from the maritime world. His impressive journey began with the Deutsche Seereederei, Rostock (DSR), and continued with AIDA Cruises, which emerged from DSR in 1996.

Captain Mey's last official duty at the Cruise Center Altona in Hamburg concluded on this momentous day, where he gracefully handed over the command to his capable colleague, Moritz Pankau. This transition marked the end of an era but opened the door to new beginnings for Captain Mey.

The final weeks on board AIDAsol were marked by heartfelt farewells and celebrations. The entertainment team, led by Entertainment Manager Dennie Blessing, organized a grand farewell gala in Captain Mey's honor, hosted in the magnificent Theatrium. This gathering allowed crew members and passengers alike to express their gratitude and admiration for Captain Mey's decades of dedication.

Throughout his distinguished career, Captain Mey has commanded a diverse fleet of ships, including those of the Sphinx class and the beloved AIDA trio comprising AIDAcara, AIDAvita, and AIDAaura. His expertise and dedication have left an indelible mark on the world of cruising.

In his final summer season, Captain Mey steered the AIDAsol on nine- and twelve-day cruises, charting a course from and to Hamburg through the northern and western Europe. His voyage took him and his passengers on a memorable journey through the scenic ports of Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Great Britain, Spain, and France. It was a fitting conclusion to a remarkable career that has spanned nearly five decades.

Captain Mey's farewell was not limited to ports and shipboard events. He also took the time to share his experiences and wisdom with AIDA Radio, leaving behind a legacy of insights for future seafarers.

As AIDAsol continues its summer voyages in Northern and Western Europe for another four weeks, Captain Mey enters a well-deserved retirement. On Sunday, September 10th, the ship will be part of an AIDA parade to celebrate the Hamburg Cruise Days. Following this, AIDAsol will undergo maintenance at the shipyard in the first half of October, a task that Captain Mey will no longer be involved in.

Captain Mey’s legacy as a maritime pioneer and leader will continue to inspire and guide those who follow in his wake. Farewell, Captain Mey, and may the winds of retirement carry you to new adventures and beautiful memories.

Photo credit: Aida Cruises