AIDA Cruises Hyperion Class Cruise Ships Crew Facilities

The German Cruise Line Aida Cruise has gone above and beyond to make sure their crew members enjoy the best crew facilities and great onboard benefits. The following galleries show each cruise ship facility of the AIDA Hyperion Class ships.

AIDA Hyperion Class ships: AIDAprima and AIDAperla

Project Crew Facilities: The main goal of this project is to help first-time cruise ship employees to get familiar with all crew facilities and living conditions on a specific ship by presenting in detail each facility with photos and a short description.

Unique Crew Facilities: On these ships you will find some crew facilities which are not standard on the other cruise lines such as Crew Sauna and Crew Barber Shop. 

Multipurpose wristbands for the crew: Aida Cruises has also implemented Multipurpose wristbands for the crew. They can be used to open a crew cabin, payments in the crew bar and shops and to clock in. Basically this bracelet replacement of the crew ID card which is still used on AIDA ships, however, the wristbands are just an option.

Free Internet: AIDA Cruises provides 500 megabytes a month of free internet for each crew member when the cruise ship is in port.

  • Crew Cabins 
  • Double Cabins, quite small for 2 people, yet there is a big TV
  • Single shared: 2 single small cabins with the toilet in between to share, single bed, TV 
  • Single cabin: big cabin, some have a port hole, fridge, TV, couch, double bed, 2 wardrobes, these cabins are maybe too big for one person.


  •  We need your help: If you like to participate in this project please send us photos from the crew facilities and add a short description together with the name of your ship. You can send a message on our FB Fan Page at
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