All Princess Cruise Ships Will Receive New Hull Logo

Mar 16, 2016

The first ship of the Princess fleet, the Majestic Princess gets the new hull paint with giant logo. Gradually all Princess cruise ships entering dry dock will be painted with the new hull logo.

Princess Cruises and shipyard celebrated the weekend with floating of the new, planned for 2017 and designed for the Chinese market cruise ship Majestic Princess. At the ceremony at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy, the premium cruise line presented the new hull paint. The logo of Princess Cruises includes both the wave pattern, as well as the face of a sea witch. Since 1968 the "Seawitch" has been the part of Princess Cruises logo.

The new hull logo is one of the largest in the cruise industry and symbolizes the gentle and flowing grace of ocean waves, Princess Cruises writes in a press release. With this large area logo on the hull the ships in future will be clearly identifiable from a distance as part of the Princess Cruises fleet.

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