Amazing Gadgets for Cruise Ship Crew Members

Jul 22, 2016

For all gadget freaks working on cruise ship we chosen the coolest hi-tech gadgets which can make your experience more enjoyable in the ports you are visiting. After the long working hours you have limited time to explore the ports and run back to the ship for your next shift. We believe that this gadgets will make your ship life easier and more fun.

Nixie - wearable camera that can fly

The brainchild of Stanford researcher Christoph Kohstall, Nixie is flyable and wrist-wearable camera. The Nixie drone starts off as a bracelet, and unfolds into a small, sleek quadcopter. You can capture amazing aerial pictures or videos from the ports you are visiting. This gadget is easy to bring and fast to fly, so you never miss to capture that special moment.

Rocket Skates - electric roller skates by Action

The ACTON R10 are truly unique roller skates with maximum speed of 12 mph allowing you to explore the ports and even have fun in the crew corridors :) There are two sets of step-in footplates capable of securing most types of footwear with strap bindings. When tilting forward on the toes, the skate speed accelerates and when you tilt back, the skates slow down. 

There are two versions of the Rocket Skates. The model R5 has top speed of 7mph and a range of up to 5 miles with a single charge and a price tag of $ 399. The model R10 has top speed of 12 mph and a range of up to 10 miles with a single charge and a price tag of $699.

Movpak - Electric Vehicle and Backpack In One

Movpak is the world’s first compact backpack and electric skateboard delivering easy way to explore the ports around the world. What makes this electric vehicle unique is that is able to fold and unfold it in a few seconds without adding different parts. With top speed of 20 mph, Movpak is quite fast for electric vehicle, and maximum range of 9 miles per single charge.

The Brazilian inventor of Movpak Hugo, came up to the idea when he was travelling between Belgium and Netherlands, when the garages with thousands of bikes caught his attention. The initial idea was born when He asked himself: “Why do people have to leave their vehicles before they get on the train?

We think this is a great gadget for crew members working on cruise ship especially when they have short time to explore the ports. You can easily store Movpac in your cabin and charge it for 90 minutes before you explore the next port of call. Movpak price is $649.