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Ambience involved in a berthing incident in Cape Town

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Early on the morning of April 5, 2024, the cruise ship Ambience operated by Ambassador Cruise Line, made contact with the Grey Fox cargo carrier during docking procedures in Cape Town harbour. The incident occurred under challenging conditions due to gale-force winds, complicating the berthing maneuvers.

The Ambience cruise liner was attempting to berth at the scheduled visit time in Cape Town harbour when it came into contact with the Grey Fox cargo carrier, which was already docked at berth B. Despite the support from two tugboats and a pilot, the cruise ship struggled to maintain its position against the strong, gusting winds, resulting in a collision with the cargo carrier.

Both vessels reported only minor damage as a result of the incident. There was no water ingress or pollution following the collision. The cruise liner Ambience was able to dock safely close to the cruise passenger terminal shortly after the incident.

There were no injuries reported among the passengers or crew of either vessel. The safety of all individuals on board both ships was effectively maintained throughout the incident.

Following the collision, the Ambience was cleared for docking, and the gangway was opened for guests to disembark by 08:45 local time. The TNPA, with acting port manager Ophelia Shabane, confirmed the incident and stated that the cause is under investigation. Assessments of the damage are ongoing. The TNPA also reassured that port operations continue as normal and have not been affected by the incident. The situation is being closely monitored by the authorities.

The Ambience is expected to depart on schedule later on the day of the incident, at 23:00. Ambassador Cruise Line and the TNPA are coordinating to investigate the cause of the incident thoroughly and assess the extent of the damage. Measures will be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future, especially under adverse weather conditions.