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Apollo Group Announces 7 Days Crew Cancellation Policy

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In a recent announcement, the Apollo Group has introduced a new “Sign-On Procedure Enforcement” that will significantly impact crew members under the company who are not ready to board cruise ships on schedule.

The implementation of this enforcement was communicated through an email from the Senior Director Global HR to the crew, outlining the key changes set to take effect from December 15th. The most important is the strict enforcement of a 7-day cancellation policy without exceptions. According to the email, crew members must be fully prepared, including having passports, visas, and medical clearances, seven days before their scheduled sign on date. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the cancellation of Letter of Employment (LOE), sign-on date, and flights until further notice.

This decision is made to address the challenges posed by constant delays and last-minute postponements, which have become a source of overwhelming stress on the business operations. By implementing this policy, Apollo Group aims to streamline the sign-on process, ensuring that only crew members who are fully prepared and ready to join will be assigned to support the onboard teams. This, in turn, is expected to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the onboard operations.

Apollo Group, with a workforce of over 10,000 crew members globally, operates primarily in logistics and hotel services through affiliated companies. These companies provide services to the cruise companies, including Oceania, Regent Seven Seas, Marella Cruises, Virgin Voyages and Jalesh Cruises.