Appreciation Letter to Royal Caribbean by Filipino Crew Member

Jun 22, 2020

From Royal Caribbean crew member from the Philippines repatriated on June 16, 2020.

A word thank you is not enough to express my feelings for being so blessed and thankful as being a part of your company. 

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has been my bread and butter for almost 6 years. Thank you for fulfilling my dreams, achieving my goal not only for my self but also for my family and most especially for traveling the work for FREE.

During this pandemic, you never leave us hang on the air even all the ships were not operational. You still look for all the crew members in the best way you can do to repatriate as fast as possible. 

For almost 3 months were stuck at sea you gave your very best. Thank you for the extravagant food at the Windjammer every day, for letting us to stay at the ship like a boss in the guest cabin, for allowing us to use all the facilities that the guest are entitled, for giving us free wifi and most especially for giving us a daily allowance and for COVID relief funds and finally for letting us stay in a 5-star hotel in Manila while waiting for the results of the swab test. It was such an amazing journey for having 4 ships at 1 contract. 

Thank you from Spectrum OTS, to Freedom OTS, to Serenade OTS, and last Liberty OTS.

Thank you Royal Caribbean for doing and showing your very best during this kind of uncertain pandemic and also for showing us solidarity in this crisis. I hope this pandemic will end soon so that everybody can go back to the ship again. To all my colleagues be stronger and hold on tight. Its been a great honor to be a part of the Royal Caribbean family that everybody dreams of. Again, a Big Thank you RCCL.

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