Baked Alaska is Back on Carnival Cruise Line

Nov 29, 2017

Carnival Cruise Line announced today it is revamping the menus for several of its specialty dining venues and reintroducing Baked Alaska across the fleet. After several years the classic dessert made of cake and ice cream topped with merengue is being reintroduced to all Carnival cruise ships. The time-honored tradition of Baked Alaska parade throughout the main dining room performed by the waiters and waitresses spinning napkins is also back. 

This is great news for guests because this is absolutely delicious dessert. However, Baked Alaska parade is big time for the dining room staff. From now on waiters need to be super-fast during the first seating in order to be on time for Baked Alaska parade. If not they will be behind or what we call on the ship LA GEGE, and will be late for the second seating.

Many cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, had removed Baked Alaska Parade years ago. With the return of Baked Alaska on Carnival maybe other cruise operators will bring the parade back, only time will tell.