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Best and Worst Drunk Cruise Ship Stories

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Crew members work hard and play hard. When off duty we like to party in crew bar or if the cruise ship stays overnight we like to party all night in the port. These are some of the stories we collected by ex-staff and crew members and their drunk experiences at sea. Some of their actions led to dismissal some .. well you need to read thier drunk stories.

“Oh boy...way too many but I remember one night at Griffin's in Bermuda. Need I say more?? Anyways, we (yc's) were having a toga party and handed out "hello my name is..' stickers to everyone. I guess 2 guys had the same name and they were getting ready to fight because they each thought they were the best swimmer. Yes, one guy was a Canadian diver from the Crown and the other was a local Bermudian. Just as they were about to get into a scrap someone decided it would be better to have a "swim-off" to prove who was the best swimmer. A bunch of us go down to the water by the Majesty and now there are 4 people in the swim-off but I was too drunk to recall who the other 2 were. They all jump in and of course the diver won (duh) and unfortunately the other guy lost his boxers in the water. I guess the water was really cold that summer night in Bermuda.”

“private island. They should have never given my the loud microphone. I had alot of rum that night and I was on the last tender back. LOL.. Well I made it through security and had to pee so bad,, I ran to the front of the ship and down the stairs to the dancer's cordons. I was ready to pee in the stair way but my friend pushed me as I was going to my friends cabin I SAW A DOOR OPEN I PUSHED THE DOOR OPEN AND HEADED TO THE TOLET,, I DIDN'T SEE THE STEP SO I TRIPED OVER THE STEP DID A 360 IN TO THE SHOWER TAKING THE CURTAN DOWN AND PEED IN THE SHOWER. IT TURNED OUT TO BE ONE OF THE DANCERS. SHE TAPE THE HOLE THING. THE NEXT DAAY SHE PUT IT ON U TUBE. THIS WAS IN JANUARY 07. ON APRIL 30 MY LAST DAY BEFOR VACATION I WAS CALLED UP TOO THE CAPTINS OFFICE THE MORING I WAS SINGING OFF. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON,,, SOMEBODY FROM HEAD OFFICE SAW THE VIDEO ON U TUBE AND FORWARD IT TO THE CAPTION. FIRED AN HOUR BEFOR GOING ON VACATION”

“ok I will detail my one infamous Cozumel overnight, evening.  We started with Fillipo in the crew bar where we all started drinking like horses at the starting gate. Then the announcement was made official and we off the ship like a pack of dogs. We went to Sr. Frogs, (upstairs, important part to remember), and Fil gathered up all of our money. There were like 10 of us, and he made some deal to get us a yard of tequila with Sambuca on top. The raging ensued. Chef Jason was essentially the last straw that got us kicked out when he went on stage and started trashing the drum set. And this is where I go black...however...I woke up the next morning/afternoon. With bruises all over my back and ass. I thought I was raped. Then I had some vague recollection of cops!? I thought that I got in a fight with cops, then I was like no...I would be in jail, and being raped at that moment. Then I thought I just got mugged....nope. I then poked my head around the ship and got some answers.”

“Then, another time...I went out with a certain Chief Engineer to watch the world cup in some really tiny village in Norway that was at the base of some Fjord. We went to a hotel and must have had a bottle of jack each, smaller bottle of course, then we went back to the ship, walked up to the bridge in civilian attire and as we were sailing out the Fjords, I was standing on the wing of the Dream, shouting to the Pax about something as they were doing those announcements about Fjord Facts...the HD just said, man, go sleep it off...Captain Rolf just didn't I get fired??? I should just write my own book...hehe. Old Ship, Good HD and Captain, make all the difference...that should be my tag line...”

“Late night in Cozumel on the Wind I think. Started drinking right after PAX hike so about 10:30am. Yardsticks etc at each of the bars and ended the night at, is it Carlos and Charlie's upstairs? Remember the woman that braided hair had those manequin heads on a stick? I found one unattended and stole it as my date for Carlos and Charlies. This got me in passed the line with some friends and tequila hooter shooters from those chicks with the whistles.I grab her boob and she slaps me. Everyone left me there and I continued to dance with my head on a stick at which point I recognized these to cones on one of the platforms dancing. I go over to talk to them and and reach up to grab this girl shoulder just as she turns around and I grab her boob. She slaps me across the face,(pattern here?) I hit her friend with my date (head on a stick) and then proceed to call her (my date)an f''in b*tch and this girl hear me say it and thinks I'm talking about her and, you guessed it, she slugs me.”

“Geez, mad at a boy, drank sick amounts of Jack and slushy drinks in Key West. Kissed a good friend (don't tell his wife) took drinks from my group leaders hands in the bar and drank the entire thing...good thing he was young and cute! Chanted Georgia! Georgia! Georgia! on the trolley back to the ship and almost got booted off. Acted like a guest haha.... YC's taking care of me, ya that's right YC's..that's when you know you're wasted. Somehow got passed security, passed out by 2230, missed Ship n Males, woke up at 0230 extremely ill, phone off the hook on the floor, put my civi's on and started on my way to the lounge. Realized half way there I was in civi's, with my hair down, in public. Oh and no nametag or S.T.Y.L.E. pin. Turned around, attempted to put on my blues, ripped the nylons and gave up....”

“Start out drinking at the Ale House with a shit load of POH people (crew and PAX) we then get sloshed as hell and somehow found our way to a beach. No fucking clue what beach and where it was but we got there. We get our hidden liquor bottles and drink even more. Therefore getting even more sloshed. My girl Peaches then strips butt ass naked and goes swimming with other crew and 2 PAX. I ended up turning around at this point and somehow found my way to the ship and into my own room and took a shower then went to bed. I swear I do not know how it happened but I did it without help. AND I didnt have a hang over the next day. Nope I was still effing drunk when I went to work.”

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