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Brazil's Federal Police Arrest Two People With 28 kg of Cocaine on Cruise Ship

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Brazil's federal police arrested two individuals at the Port of Ilhéus for smuggling around 28 kg of cocaine on a cruise ship. The Federal Police reported that the duo had boarded the ship in Rio de Janeiro, heading towards Barcelona, Spain.

The apprehended individuals, a man and a woman, whose identities have not been disclosed, were discovered with the narcotics concealed within false compartments of four suitcases. This was during a luggage check that involved the use of a scanner (x-ray) and a detection dog.

Following their arrest, the suspects were escorted to the Federal Police Station in Ilhéus for judicial police procedures. Subsequently, they will be moved to the state's prison system, where they will be held under the jurisdiction of the Federal Court.

This operation was a collaborative effort by the Integrated Force to Combat Organized Crime (FICCO), which includes participation from the Federal Police, Civil Police, Military Police, Federal Highway Police, and the Bahia State Secretariat of Public Security.