Carnival Cruise Line Continues "Operation Happy Holidays" for 25,000 crew

Nov 09, 2021

Even though the number of crew members on board in the previous year was incomparably smaller to this year’s number, the Company is determined to continue the tradition that started during the pandemic. This includes a little attention that means the world to someone far, far away from home and families in these special moments. 

At the peak of the pandemic, thousands of individuals, organizations and businesses made a big difference for those hard-working crew by sending them more than 10,000 Christmas and holiday cards. To be exact, cards should be sent to more than 25,000 crew members, which is not easy. John Heald believes that everyone will contribute one more time, sharing the exceptionally amusing reception of those surprises with their senders. 

“Last year you were all so amazingly kind when I asked you to send Christmas and holiday cards for our crew on the ships. Over 10,000 of you sent them and words cannot express how brilliant this was and how touched and grateful the crew were. So here I am again asking that we keep the tradition going. This year, it will be a challenge to try and get a card for each crew member on all the ships."

How can you join in and contribute to this Holiday tradition?

If you like to join Carnival's team spirit and help out create a memorable season for the crew, you can send your card to the following address:

  • Carnival Crew
  • c/o Carnival Cruise Line
  • 3655 NW 87th Avenue
  • Miami, Florida 33178
  • ATTN: Operation Happy Holidays

Guests who are planning to take a cruise during the holidays can also join in and place a card directly onboard one of the Carnival’s ships. The cruise line has placed special boxes in the Atrium onboard each ship where guests can deposit the holiday cards.

“If you are sailing between now and the holidays, you can take them directly to the ships and place them in a special box which will be located in the Atrium. These are not addressed to any specific crew member, and I know how thankful they will all be to see that you are thinking of them during a time when they will all miss their families more than ever. Thank you again for proving we are all part of the CARNIVAL FAMILY.” John Heald posted on his Facebook page.