Carnival Cruise Line policies and procedures: What the “new normal crew life" will look like?

May 10, 2021

Carnival Cruise Line released detailed instructions and rules for crew members who received a Letter of employment and expected to join the ships. As the company prepares to restart cruise operations Carnival wanted to help the joining crew set the right expectations by presenting more information for the joining crew on the new way of crew life on board.

“All around the world, there have been changes to the way we dine, shop, travel, and socialize. Living and working on board is no exception. These updated measures have been designed to help ensure everyone's health and safety. Please review the information below carefully as you will be asked to confirm your understanding and comply with these policies and procedures should you choose to accept your contract. If you do not feel safe or comfortable complying with these policies and procedures, you may reject the notification at the end of this letter to decline your upcoming contract.” Carnival later to the crew reads.

Before joining ships, Carnival Team Members will have to sign a health declaration form and self-quarantine at home for 14 days before the travel date back to the ship. The crew will need to complete a COVID-19 "RT-PCR SWAB TEST” 72 hours before leaving the country of origin. The cost for the test will be reimbursed on board, so please keep your receipt. The only test Carnival will accept is a PCR test. You must have a NEGATIVE result on hand 24 hours before your flight leaves.

Once on board crew must complete a 14-day quarantine. Carnival released the following information and guidelines for the crew during the quarantine period:

  • -During our initial start-up, all team members will be assigned to a single cabin.
  • -All meals will be delivered to your cabin.
  • -Self-monitor your health and immediately report any symptoms of respiratory illness to the medical staff.
  • -Adhere to twice-daily temperature and respiration checks conducted by the medical staff.
  • -Pay attention to announcements and instructions from the leadership team.
  • -Complete any unfinished courses in GLADIS.
  • -Also use this time to stay in touch with family and friends, exercise in your stateroom, meditate, read and participate in activities to stay physically and mentally active.
  • -If you are a smoker, we encourage you to quit. If you must smoke, you may do soon the cabin balcony on. Smoking on your balcony is only allowed while you are in quarantine. Once out of quarantine, you may only smoke in the designated smoking areas.




  • - Face masks must be worn at all times (on and off duty) when indoors, and outdoors when physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • - Face masks are not required indoors only in the following instances:
  •  While eating and drinking seated at a table with your cohort. (team members who work in your same department).
  •  When inside your own cabin.
  • - All team members who have high volume contact with guests will be tested for COVID-19 weekly on board the vessel. All other team members will be tested monthly.



  • -You will eat all your meals with your cohort at a specified time in a designated team dining room.
  • -All meals will be served assisted buffet style.
  • -Due to new health and safety protocols for guests and crew, guest area dining privileges are suspended.
  • -Depending on your assigned ship, take-out purchases from specialty dining and the Pizzeria will be delivered to a specified crew area.



  • -The crew gym will be closed at this time. However, you may enjoy the guest gym during posted hours as long as you are seated with your cohort.
  • -The crew lounge will be open with limited capacity. Bar seating will not be permitted.
  • -A satellite bar station for nonalcoholic purchases including water, sodas, and snacks will be available.
  • -A coffee shop will be available in the crew lounge (subject to ship).
  • -Fun Team activities will be advertised in the monthly crew activities calendar.
  • -The crew open deck(smoking and non-smoking area) will be available.
  • -Access to guest areas will be limited to only those team members who are on duty.
  • -A bi-monthly company newsletter will be printed and distributed on board to keep you informed of what’s happening around the fleet.



  • -The crew launderette will be open 24 hours except for one hour each day for deep cleaning.
  • -The Learning Resource Center will be open during posted hours for computer-based learning and general inquires.
  • -The HR Director and HR Service Office will be available during posted hours for general inquires and team members are encouraged to call them if they have any questions.
  • -The crew barbershop will be open during posted hours.
  • -Pop-up stores for crew sales will be placed on I-95.
  • -The 24-hour social media plan and internet vouchers will be made available to you during the ramp-up at no charge.
  • -You may have packages delivered to the ship in homeport.



  • Once you begin work, it’s essential to adhere to proper physical distancing guidelines, as follows:
  • -Keep approximately 2 meters (6feet) or more apart from others while working, socializing and eating.
  • -Avoid gatherings such as parties end events where physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • -Avoid physical contact with other people including shaking hands, giving hugs and cheek kissing.
  • -Follow the floor markings or signs used to facilitate physical distancing.
  • -Where essential tasks require more than one person, the team will be kept as small as possible and if work requires people in close proximity, the number of work partners will be minimized.
  • -When physical distancing while working is not possible, avoid facing each other. Instead, work side-by-side or back-to-back.



  • -As you may not be able to get prescription medicines, we strongly recommend you bring extra two month’s supply of your regular medications.
  • -Carry disinfectant wipes with you so you can clean seats, handrails, and other common surfaces you may touch.
  • -Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer often.
  • -Avoid touching your nose, eyes, and face. Sneeze/cough into your elbow and dispose of any tissues promptly.