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Carnival Firenze conversion completed

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Carnival Cruise Line has welcomed its latest addition, the Carnival Firenze, following its transformation from the former Costa Firenze. This conversion was carried out at the Navantia shipyard in Cadiz, Spain. Carnival Firenze departed its dry dock in Cadiz, embarking towards its new destination on the west coast of the United States to Long Beach, Los Angeles, with only crew onboard.

The transit to the USA for the Carnival Firenze includes multiple stops for refueling and resupplying essential provisions. After the departure stopover took place at the port of Santa Cruz on Tenerife, lasting approximately ten hours. The ship's next stop is Buenos Aires, Argentina, with an arrival scheduled for April 3, 2024.

The Carnival Firenze is avoiding the traditional routes through the Caribbean and the Panama Canal. Instead, it is navigating around South America, to the Pacific and onward to the US west coast. The ship has a deadline to dock at the port of Long Beach by April 25, 2024, setting the stage for its inaugural voyage into the Mexican Riviera.
Carnival Firenze, alongside its sister ship the Carnival Venezia, pays homage to their Mediterranean roots while introducing classic Carnival Cruise Line innovations. The design of the Carnival Firenze is inspired by the historic Italian city of Florence, blending traditional Mediterranean elements with the cruise line's signature features. The Carnival Firenze and the Carnival Venezia break from the conventional design with their unique exterior appearances, without the iconic whale-fin-shaped chimney for a different look.

The addition of Carnival Firenze expands Carnival Cruise Line's impressive fleet to 27 ships. Carnival Firenze will offer travelers an array of four to seven-day cruises.