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Carnival Sunrise En Route to Dry Dock in Spain

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The cruise ship Carnival Sunrise is currently crossing the Atlantic Ocean on its way to the dry dock at Navantia shipyard in Cadiz, Spain. The vessel, built in 1999, has been out of service since February 1 and is expected to arrive at the dry dock on February 10. The routine maintenance and refurbishment work will take two weeks.

Carnival Sunrise is the third cruise ship from the 27-ship Carnival Cruise Line fleet to come to the Navantia Shipyard in Cadiz this year. The Carnival Vista and the future Carnival Firenze are currently at the shipyard in Cadiz. Carnival Vista has completed a regular shipyard stay there and will soon set sail for the Caribbean. The future Carnival Firenze will be the only new addition to the fleet in 2024, coming from Costa Crociere to Carnival Cruise Line. Carnival Firenze's dry dock will ultimately last 42 days and will include a radical transformation both externally and internally.

The dry dock in Cadiz will now be occupied by the Carnival Sunrise before the Carnival Firenze receives its new hull paint there. Carnival Cruise Line regularly sends the now 25-year-old Carnival Sunrise into dry dock. The last shipyard stay took place in 2022. Previously, $200 million was invested in the cruise ship in spring 2019. During the extensive renovation in 2019, the Carnival Cruise Line ship was renamed from Carnival Triumph to Carnival Sunrise.

Carnival Sunrise next cruise departs from Miami on March 5, 2024. The cruise ship is stationed there for four- and five-day short trips to the Bahamas, the Eastern Caribbean, and the Western Caribbean. Carnival Sunrise is 272 meters long, 38 meters wide, and has a capacity of around 3000 guests.