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Carnival Vista passenger pays € 100 for IPad and receives a tile

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Carnival Vista cruise passenger was lured to buy IPad for 100 Euros, and all he got was a tile inside the box. The scam happened yesterday while the cruise ship was in the port of Naples, Italy, near  the pedestrian passage of the port, in Via Colombo. Two local criminals well known to the police, specialized in the so-called "package scam" convinced the tourist that they are selling a brand new product for 100 euros. The tourist first hesitated to buy the IPad but later was convinced by the second con man.

After purchasing the product the man went back to the ship where he open the box and found only a tile wrapped in plastic. A Policemen, noticed the suspicious exchange and caught the scam on camera (you can see the video bellow) and arrested the con man. The Italian Police identified the con man as Enrico Calise 42, and Francesco D'Alpino 61, both with criminal records.The police returned to the victim his €100, found in one of the criminals, and also seized a Apple IPad and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, used by the two arrested to pull off the scams.