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Celebrity Cruises Bartender Wins Diageo Best Bartender Award

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Celebrity Cruises bartender, Andrej Malic has been named Diageo Global Travel’s best bartender for 2016. This global bartender competition was held on 17 August in the Diageo 396 Bar in Miami. Andrej Malic, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, topped the competition from hundreds of cruise line bartenders representing Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruises. The Celebrity Cruises bartender won this prestigious award with his ‘Old Spice Fashion’ cocktail, featuring Bulleit Bourbon. Range of elements such as showmanship, creativity, bartending knowledge and the overall delivered drinking experience were included in the judging of the competing bartenders.

Next step for the 27-year-old Malic, will be the finals of Diageo Global Travel at the World Class Bartender of the Year in Miami, Florida on 26 to 29 September 2016. There, he will test his skills against 59 of the world’s best bartenders for the title ‘World Class Bartender of the Year’.

Andrej Malic said: “I’ve been inspired and challenged by many talented bartenders over the last few weeks and I’m really looking forward to using the skills and knowledge that I’ve developed through the program to represent Celebrity Cruises and all cruise line bartenders at the grand final of the World Class competition, right here again in beautiful Miami.”

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Source and photo: PRNews/Diageo Global Travel

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