Celebrity Cruises Crew Say A Final Farewell To Their Colleague Alex Heleta

Oct 20, 2018

The tragic news of the crew member who went overboard from the cruise ship Celebrity Reflection shook Celebrity Cruises family and the entire crew community. Alex Heleta from Ukraine, age 36, was reported overboard while the cruise ship was sailing from Mykonos to Rhodes. He was working as a bar server for serval contracts on different Celebrity ships, and had just embarked on Reflection. Some sources say that Hellenic Coast Guard found Alex body near the Island of Santorini, and they will send it back home for his family and friends to commemorate. After hearing about these terrible tragedy hundreds of crew members who knew Alex expressed their heartfelt condolences, saying that he was a kind and outstanding young man who was always willing to help.

The loss of a friend and colleague is a difficult experience, and we are all affected by this terrible tragedy. Here are some of the messages send by crew members who knew Alex. This is how they remember him, this is how Alex will stay forever in their hearts.

“Alex was a guy full of energy, brilliant, friendly and always smiling, good friend, good person, and great crew member on his position as bar server. He Loved adventure parachute and sports. We worked together on Celebrity Constellation before, very good guy, beautiful heart. So sad for the news as one of the crew member friends never expect that reaction from him ... we will never know what happen in his mind and why he did this. This is shock to all his friends around the world, we will never forget Alex Heleta. God take care of him. I imagine him on God's arms and rest in peace my friend Alex... this is my way to say Goodbye to him”

“We wish never tragedy like this to happen again something so sad about our friend we are like family on board we pass many months together and believe me we are very great crew member all together always on the good and bad or sad moment we pass always together ...it’s our way happy crew happy guest and it is... we never know sometime in the mind or the problem you can’t handle and someone puff make wrong choice and shock the world around. God bless all crew because I know what means the ship ... so hard so joyful many emotion strong to manage we will miss Alex a lot. Big hug from all crew around the world deepest condolence to all of us and especially the family. You are our angel flying in our heart”

“A lot of people know him, he was very positive and nice guy. Rest in Peace Alex.”

"Alex used to help me a lot in my station....may his soul rest in peace...a young soul gone! We met at the Constellation"

“He was so positive, smart and kind! My condolence for his family, I still cannot realize that.”

“Working stress has increased year after years this is the result people lose their cool very sad to say I knew this gentleman a few years ago in fact shared a cabin last year for a couple of months before me heading home.”

Rest in Peace Sasha, you will always be in our hearts.