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Celestyal Cruises

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Celestyal Cruises is a Greek-based cruise line that specializes in providing immersive cruise experiences focused on the Eastern Mediterranean. Celestyal Cruises is known for its commitment to Greek hospitality, offering passengers a taste of the region's culture, cuisine, and history. The cruise line operates smaller and more intimate ships, allowing for visits to smaller ports and a more personalized experience. Celestyal Cruises typically offers itineraries that include destinations such as the Greek Islands and Turkey. It aims to provide a unique and authentic cruise experience, highlighting the beauty and charm of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Construction Year:
Capacity: 1260 passengers
Length: 203 meters
Tonnage: 42289 gt
Construction Year:
Capacity: 1258 passengers
Length: 220 meters
Tonnage: 55877 gt
Construction Year:
Capacity: 1664 passengers
Length: 215 meters
Tonnage: 37773 gt