China's Adora Magic City Delivered

Nov 06, 2023

China celebrated the delivery of its inaugural domestically built large cruise ship, marking a significant milestone in the nation's transformation into a shipbuilding powerhouse. The cruise ship Adora Magic City, was officially named and handed over to its operator in a grand ceremony held in Shanghai on Saturday.

China has joined a few countries such as Italy, France, Germany, and Finland, capable of building a large cruise ship, showcasing the country's growing shipbuilding capabilities on the world stage.

Following a longstanding maritime the Adora Magic City was christened by Fan Jinshi, a distinguished scholar and the honorary president of the Dunhuang Academy, during a grand ceremony.

The contract for the design and construction of the Adora Magic City was initially signed on November 6, 2018, during the first China International Import Expo. Wen Gang, Chairman of the CSSC, stated, "CSSC looked to take the delivery of the large cruise ship as an opportunity to build a modern cruise industry system and promote the high-quality development of the nation's cruise industry."
During the first China International Import Expo, CSSC inked a contract to build 2+4 Vista-class cruise ships of 135,000 tons in collaboration with Carnival Cruise Lines and Italy's Fincantieri shipyards, marking the commencement of the design and construction of the first large cruise ship in China, and underscoring the significance of international partnerships in achieving such monumental feats.

The Adora Magic City measures 323.6 meters in length and 37.2 meters in width. It is composed of 107 systems, 55,000 sets of equipment, 25 million components and parts, 4,750 kilometers of cables, 365 kilometers of pipelines, and 120 kilometers of air pipes. With a capacity to accommodate a maximum of 5,246 guests in its 2,125 guest rooms, the ship features an entertainment area spanning an impressive 40,000 square meters, transforming it into a modern city at sea.

The development of the Adora Magic City was a result of a collaborative effort that involved 361 suppliers and 1,105 enterprises. It also brought together more than 5,000 engineers and technicians from over 30 countries, demonstrating the international scope of this remarkable achievement.
The Adora Magic City is set to embark on its maiden voyage from Shanghai on January 1, 2024 with plans to sail to popular destinations in Northeast Asia.