Club Med 2 runs aground on a sandbar off the coast of Panama

Feb 21, 2023

About 316 passengers were stranded for nearly twenty hours when the five-masted schooner Club Med 2 plowed into a sand bar off the coast of Panama.

According to reports, Club Med 2 ran aground near San Blas Islands on Wednesday, February 15. The following day the ship was able to resume sailings after a long inspection of the hull which was necessary before being able to set off again safely.

"The vessel left at 6 p.m. and shortly after stopping. We saw on both sides of the boat layers of sand moving, " one of the cruise passengers said.

“Leaving San Blas (Panama Archipelago), after a few minutes of sailing on the mythical music of Vangélis, Club med 2 hits a sandbank... We are waiting ... at night, a tug is, the only option. Well compromised and delayed arrival in Cartagena and to the Carnival,” another passenger said on social media.