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Coast Guard Helicopter Narrowly Avoids Crash During Cruise Ship Medical Rescue

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A Shocking video recently shared on Twitter by Stacey Brawley shows a US Coast Guard HH-60 T Jahhawk helicopter narrowly avoiding a crash into the sea in an attempt to evacuate a passenger from the cruise ship Carnival Dream. The incident occurred in adverse weather conditions on April 29, approximately 300 miles offshore of Fort Morgan, Alabama, USCG said.

In the video, the helicopter can be seen dangerously lowering its altitude near the waterline while making multiple rounds to medevac the passenger. Fortunately, the brave Coast Guard rescue helicopter crew managed to carry out the evacuation successfully after the weather conditions turned more favorable. 

“While hoisting a cruise ship nurse, a severe squall caused the aircrew to back off from the ship. The helicopter then encountered a severe downwind, prompting the aircrew to recover the aircraft close to the water’s surface,” the USCG said.

This incident serves as a reminder of the dangers and challenges that Coast Guard crews face while carrying out rescue operations and their unwavering commitment to saving lives in difficult conditions. 

Despite the close call, the crew's experience and bravery ensured everyone involved was safely rescued, and no injuries were reported.