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Costa Appoints Luigi Stefanelli General Manager for France

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Luigi Stefanelli expands his responsibilities at Costa Cruises. In addition to maintaining his position as Costa Cruises General Manager for Spain and Portugal, he will now be in charge for the French market, thus leading the second and third most important markets after Italy.

“I face this new stage with great enthusiasm and hope. The road would not be the same without new challenges, and France is one of the greats”. “I will share my time between Madrid and Paris to stay close to both teams, and I will continue working to ensure that Costa Cruises maintains its leading position in Europe, now also with a vision of the French market. I am delighted with this new role, and I am looking forward to getting to work.”

"The French team will be strongly committed to maintaining France as the second largest market in Europe". "Stefanelli and his team will work closely with travel agents and strategic partners, maintaining the company's high reputation in line with the value of the products and the enhanced experience."

Luigi Stefanelli has more than 10 years of experience in the cruise industry. During this time he has directed operations in Asia Pacific, Austria, Switzerland, and Central Europe.