Costa Concordia Life Jacket Found in Sardinia after Floating for Four Years

Mar 16, 2016

A life jacket of the cruise ship Costa Concordia was found on the Sardinian coast in Italy. After Concordia was wrecked on 13 January 2012, the life jacket floated the Mediterranean for four years, before it was found by a fisherman in the rocky coast line in Sardinia.

The Sardinian newspaper Nuova Sardegna Gianni Mura, reported that the fisherman John Walls who found the vest said: "I went down among the rocks for better fishing spot and to find out if possible to fish, and when I turned around I saw that orange vest stuck between two rocks. I got curious, I took it and read the label I found that was from the Costa Concordia. At that point I visited officer of the Harbor, who lives near my house. "

The vest is intact, has all the media reports and the straps still in perfect condition.

This is second Costa Concordia life jacked recovered along the island's shores. The first one was stranded on the cliffs of Stintino.