Costa Cruises Plan To Repatriate Filipino and Indonesian crew on Mediterranea Delayed for 1 Month

May 01, 2020

Costa Cruises plan to repatriate Filipino and Indonesian crew back home using the cruise ship Costa Mediterranea was delayed for one month. According to a crew member wishing to remain anonymous one of the reasons for this delay is because new captain boarded the ships and needs to undergo 14 days quarantine.

“Our schedule heading to Manila is delayed by 1 month because of the following reason, Costa Fortuna crew are required to undergo quarantine from April 16 to April 30,  our previous captain disembark with unknown reason, our new captain just embark recently and need to undergo quarantine for 14 days., our sailing going to Asia is on May 14.

We are not happy for this, all of us want to go home, especially crew from Costa Mediterranea are mentally and physically stress., still working 11 hours and more a day to serve food to our fellow crew member from Pacifica and Fortuna” says the crew member.

Costa Cruises previous plan was to transfer the Filipino and Indonesian crew from Costa Pacifica and Costa Fortuna aboard Costa Mediterranea. 

The first phase of Costa Mediterranea plan to transfer Filipino and Indonesian crew from Costa Pacifica was completed successfully. After arriving at the port of La Spezia, on April 10, Costa Mediterranea received 408 crew from Costa Pacifica, and at the same time, 221 crew debarked the ship and transferred to Costa Pacifica. Then the vessel set sail from La Spezia on April,13 for Brindisi, Italy.

Costa Mediterranea was scheduled to arrive at the port of Brindisi on April 16, where the ship needed to complete the transfer of Filipino and Indonesian crew from Costa Fortuna and set sail on a one month journey to the far East. Since then the Costa Mediterranea is still anchored off the coast of Brindisi.