Costa Fascinosa Indonesian Crew Member Dies in a Hospital in Brazil

Apr 26, 2020

Another crew member of the cruise ship Costa Fascinosa has died as a result of complications caused by the Coronavirus. Rudy Haryanto - Assistant Housekeeping Manager from Indonesia has died in a hospital in Santos after testing positive for Covid-19.

Many of his friends and colleagues on Costa Cruises send their condolences and final farewell to Mr. Rudy, saying he was the nicest hardworking person and one of the best supervisors they had a pleasure to work with.

“A good heart has stopped beating...a good soul ascended to heaven. Our Assistant Housekeeping Manager. A mentor. True Friend. True Kindness. True Inspiration and True Love. We... your housekeeping family will miss your smiles. Rest in Peace Sir.” wrote one of Rudy’s fellow crew member's.

“One of the best Housekeeping Supervisors on our ships, unfortunately, taken by the virus. He was such a brilliant man. So hardworking and always had the time to help. It was such a pleasure to work with you. You will be missed by so many people.”

“Woke up to bad news this morning. One of the best Indonesian Assistant Housekeeping Manager I had during my first contract. I can't believe it! Rest in peace, Sir Rudy. You made my first contract days smooth and you proved us that a true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and has the compassion to LISTEN to the needs of others. Your storytelling, our sambal making sessions, champagne drinking, the mangiare shinanigans, and many more crazy and unforgettable things we do together in the team, are the most precious memories I had with you! Working onboard cruise ship is a tough job but I would't have it any other way. You always remind me to be patient and take everything easy, "piano-piano" you said. But, Sir? Why did you left us all? Covid19 sucks!!! We had a lot of great memories onboard because of you. You're one brave and humble soul. I never had the chance to say thank you and sorry to you, Sir Rudy. Thank you for the memories. SiBonyang. Thank you for everything. Please watch over us all seafarers and your loved ones. May your soul rest in peace.” one of Rudy’s friend wrote.

Rudy Haryanto was a long term valued employee of Costa Cruises. He started his career on the cruise ship Costa Atlantica at a basic position and during the years he progressed to the rank of Assistant Housekeeping Manager. He is the third Costa Fascinosa crew member to die after testing positive for Covid-19.

Bendie Antonio, a 42-year-old Filipino crew member of Costa Fascinosa, died on April 19, from complications caused by the coronavirus.

The ship Doctor, Paolo Mudano, age 69, from Genoa, Italy died on April 15, in a hospital in Santos, Brazil. He was the first cruise ship frontline healthcare worker to die after testing positive for COVID-19.