Costa Fascinosa Passenger Dies in Helicopter Medevac

May 19, 2016

A French passenger sailing onboard Costa Fascinosa cruise ship died yesterday morning during an emergency evacuation by a Sea Rescue helicopter. The 77 year-old passenger suffered heart attack when the ship was about 50 miles from Mallorca, Spain. The tragic event happened when the man danced with his wife on the ship at around eleven o'clock at night. The onboard medical team quickly responded to the scene by providing emergency treatment. Spanish coastguard was alerted to carry out urgent transfer to the nearest hospital, and a helicopter was mobilized. When the passenger was evacuated by the helicopter on the whey to the hospital he died.  The death was reported shortly after the instruction court number 9 Palma, in the early hours. The death of the French tourist was due to natural causes after suffering a sudden heart attack and ending in cardiac arrest.