Crew Areas on Excellence-Helios Class Ships Carnival Corp.

If you want to find out where the crew members live and relax onboard Carnival Corporation’s Excellence-Helios Class ships and all the crew areas available you'll want to take a look here. Excellence-Helios class ships are the latest and most environmentally-friendly LNG-powered vessels built for Carnival Corporation. These ships can accommodate 1687 crew members, which is a quite an astonishing number of people working on board. Therefore, crew members have many dedicated areas available at their disposal. We will show you all the crew areas on this class of ships before signing-on, including ship details, photos of the crew dining and recreational areas, and much more.


Please note that the following photos of the crew areas are from the Costa Smeralda. Other Carnival Corporation brands such as Aida, P&O Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line might have different interior designs or features, but the general layout of the crew facilities should be the same on all Excellence-Helios Class ships.

Crew Beach

Located away from the guest areas and offering privacy and relaxation the Crew Beach, or as it’s called on other ships - open deck pool area, is one of the most beautiful crew facilities on the Excellence-Helios Class ships. This place has everything for crew leisure including two Jacuzzi, sunbeds, outdoor showers, and artificial grass installed on the deck which gives an impression of more like a passenger area. When off-duty crew can relax in the jacuzzi as much as they want and enjoy the sun and the stunning ocean views. Compared to other cruise lines this is probably the best Crew open deck area which is quite spacious, quiet, and not visible to guests, which is quite important for the crew.

Crew Laundry

Just like the guests laundry rooms scattered around the decks there is a crew launderette for crew only. There are at least a dozen of washing and drying machine’s along with irons and detergent wending machines where crew members can wash their personal clothes.

Crew Training and Computer Room

Crew training is very important for additional education and courses therefore often the new class ships will feature their very own training facility. Here crew members can learn languages, take safety, security and other maritime-related courses as well as learning a new language or computer programs. The officers working in the training center will also be involved with welcoming new team members and orientation.

Crew Gym

When off-duty crew members can use their very own gym to exercise as much as they like. Provided in the Crew Gym will be weights, treadmills, benches, other workout machines and onboard Costa Smeralda they are just as good as the ones guests are using. There is also a stretching area and next to the gym there is a sauna just for the crew. Crew gym is open 24 hours. There are some simple rules the crew needs to follow such as:

  • Use appropriate Gym clothing (no flip flops, no uniforms)
  • Use only headset for listening music
  • Sanitize all Gym equipment before and after use
  • Use the towels provided


Crew Barber

The crew lives on the ship for six to eight months at a time and during their contract, they will need a haircut That’s why there is a dedicated area for the crew barber. The Barber Shop is open in the evening when most of the crew are off duty. This area onboard Excellence-Helios class ships is located next to the gym. The barber usually charges around $10 for a haircut.

Crew Bar

The Crew Bar is the center of the crew's social life while they are off-duty. Located on deck 7 this is a spacious bar on 2 levels with an inside area with sitting, and an open deck area for take away. The open deck crew area next to the crew bar is divided intoto a smoking and non-smoking area.

This area is hosting many events and activities for the crew, including a wine and cheese night, karaoke, quiz night, or foosball competition. One thing is certain, without the Crew Bar the ship life would not be so good.

Crew Lounge

The Crew Lounge is located on Deck 7 next to the Crew Bar. This is a quiet place for relaxation to play cards, chat with family and friends, read a book or work on your computer. There is no music allowed and from time to time movie nights are organized for the crew. There are also two TVs with a PlayStation mounted on the backside for the crew, controller and games are handed out in the crew bar.

Crew Sauna

Yes, you hear it right, there’s a Crew Sauna onboard Excellence-Helios class ships. When it’s time to relax crew can use the crew Sauna Here which has 80 degrees Hot Stone Finish sauna and 35 degrees relax room.