Crew favorite place in Bridgetown - The Boatyard Beach Club

Oct 19, 2016

The Boatyard Beach Club and Restaurant in Bridgetown, Barbados is the favorite place for all crew members. Just take a taxi from the pier and the driver will take you there. Crew members love The Boatyard because is a place where not many cruise ship passengers visit, so it’s something like crew secret. This beach club has restaurant, bar, sunbeds, amazing beach and as you can see from the photos bellow lots of interesting water activities. Make sure, if possible, to ask your supervisor for time off if you cruise ship comes to Bridgetown and you will have excellent time in The Boatyard.

You need to try this rope swing

Barbados summer

Barbados water

You can enjoy the sunbeds at The Boatyard in the shade of the palm trees

sunbeds and palms

The Boatyard Beach

The Boatyard Bar