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Crew member arrested in Brazil for theft and extortion

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Brazil's federal police on Monday arrested a cruise ship crew member at the Port of Santos on charges of theft and extortion. The suspect, a Brazilian national, had allegedly stolen a passenger's notebook and attempted to extort money from the victim, Federal Police said in a statement.

The passenger reported the crime to the authorities, prompting a search of the ship by the police. They were able to identify and locate the thief, who granted access to his cabin. There, they found the stolen notebook, valued at 7,000 Brazilian Reals or about $1,400 US Dollars.

The notebook was returned to its owner, and the crew member was taken into custody and charged with aggravated theft and attempted extortion. He was sent to the Provisional Detention Center in São Vicente and is now at the disposal of the 5th Federal Court of Santos to answer for his crimes. These offenses in Brazil carry a sentence of imprisonment ranging from two to eight years and four to ten years, respectively.

The police did not disclose the name of the ship on which the crew member was working.