Crew Member Dies On Board Quantum of the Seas

Mar 26, 2022

A 42-year-old Filipino crew member has died on board the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Quantum of the Seas, according to a crew member who wishes to remain anonymous.

The ship’s medical team were called this afternoon to report of a cardiac arrest and Code Alpha was sounded on the PA system.

Our source said that the crew member who was working as a loft attendant, had gone into cardiac arrest, and CPR was attempted for 45 minutes, but unfortunately he couldn’t be saved.

Quantum of the Seas captain announced the sad news to the crew at around 5 pm,  that the fellow crew member passed away. He offered support for the crew through the company’s assistance program. The crew member’s family reportedly has been notified. Quantum of the Seas is currently sailing Ocean Getaway cruises out from Singapore.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to the crew member’s family and his fellow ship mates. 

This is second reported death of a cruise ship crew member this week after a South African crew mess attendant died aboard MSC Armonia.