Crew Member Dies in Fall on Oceania Riviera

Jan 05, 2019

A tragedy shocked the community of Bacoli in Italy, following the sudden death of Giuliano De Cicco who fell from the deck of a cruise ship docked in the Port Miami reports the Italian media. Giuliano De Cicco, age 38, was working as Assistant Destination Manager on Oceania Cruises ship Riviera.

According to the newspaper Il Mattino, and other Italian news sources, Giuliano fell from the bridge on Deck 10 while Oceania Riviera was docked in Port Miami on Thursday, January 3, 2019. A crew member working on Oceania Riviera send us a message saying that Giuliano fell from Deck 16, Forward  Starboard side where the golf field is located. “He fell on the pier and security from Miami they saw that. But he was already dead. “says the crew member. Immediately after the incident, Code Mike (medical emergency code used by Oceania Cruises) was sounded on the ship's loudspeakers.

The cruise ship authorities delayed embarkation of new passengers and after many complaints, Oceania Cruises released the following statement on the social media: “Today at Port Miami, one of Riviera's crew members passed away. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the family members of the crew member, as well as our officers, staff and guests on board. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.’’

Oceania Cruises statement about the death of crew member

The last sentence is quite inappropriate by the cruise line, apologizing for the death of a crew member and inconvenience this tragic event has caused to the guests.

Giuliano family is on their way to Miami where U.S. Authorities has started an investigation.