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Crew Member Dies Onboard MSC Magnifica

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Brazilian Media reports that a man who was part of the MSC Magnifica crew died on Sunday evening. The cruise ship was docked in the Port of Santos when this tragic event occurred. Preliminary reports say that the man had cardiac arrest just moments before the ship docked in Santos. Mobile Emergency Team was dispatched to the vessel as soon as MSC Magnifica docked to provide first-aid CPR to revive the man, however he was pronounced dead at the scene.

MSC didn’t reveal the name of the crew member however the company says that he was a 48-year-old Indian. Some reports state that he was an Officer onboard MSC Magnifica.
The body was sent to the Forensic Institute of Santos, where will be held until the final report of the death will be released.  MSC Magnifica had to wait until all the research procedures on the case were performed by the police. As a result, there was delay in departure of the cruise ship.

MSC Cruises confirmed the death saying that the crew member was sent to sips infirmary when he experienced the first symptoms of cardiac arrest. "Even with all the efforts and support from our medical staff, providing the necessary care on board, the crew of Indian nationality, died yesterday, January 31, 2016." says MSC Cruises Brazil representative adding that the company sympathizes with the family at this sad time.

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